El Cap Report 10/08/07

ElCap Report 10/8/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo.... Sweet day here for all the monkeys... weather, perfect.. sun, brilliant... hangers at the bridge, many happy folks... you missed another great day now didn't you? What were you thinking? Where the hell are you? Oh yes... That’s right, you are working for a living aren't you... busting your butt to make the bills... well, because you are then someone needs not to be... that is us... we the proud, the dullards, the broke or in my singular case... the retired! Anyway here it comes to you direct from the summit where Winky, Mutt and Jeff were spectators to the end of the Huber attempt on the Nose speed record this morning.... Today’s ElCap Report..

El Cap Report 10/07/07

ElCap Report 10/7/07

By Tom Evans

Yo... Well it was another beautiful day here in the Valley. Many climbers are on the Big Stone. The Hubers are going tomorrow at 7am hoping to knock a few minutes off their recent record on the Nose. Anyway here it is... Today’s ECR brought you by the loudspeaker operated by YOSAR legend John Dill down by the bridge... Today’s Report...

El Cap Report 10/06/07

ElCap Report 10/6/07

 By Tom Evans

Geeze.. People are asking for this report even before I have stopped shooting for the day!! Guess that is a good thing. Anyway, today’s report is brought to you from the ECBridge today via our climbing ranger Jessie who reports that so far marriage is a good thing... HA! He says he is looking to get the Dolt Cart from Yeager so he can be hauled up the Cap in good style. Check your knots, double back your buckle, and chalk up good because there is a lot of climbing to report on this clear and sunny day.... here it is without further delay... Today’s ECReport

El Cap Report 10/5/07

ElCap Report 10/5/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... Coming to you a little early today as the weather has caved in down at the bridge and the climbing teams are scurrying for cover in driving snow and sleet. So direct to you from Dave Turners radio comes today’s report... get your warm stuff on and slap that raingear on top of it and hunker down because this is one wet report heading your way...

El Cap Report 10/04/07

ElCap Report 10/4/07

 By Tom Evans

Yeah... I know ... you want to know the real deal not some crappy rumor you got from some bus driver who talked to a random dude who was hitching by the bridge this morning.... and you know that ECP will give you the straight shit good or bad, with no favoritism... Right?.... Right! So I am going to get to the Nose news first and cover the rest as usual..

El Cap Report 10/03/07

ElCap Report 10/3/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo.. Another killer day here but a tad windy...lots of things happening on the Cap. So plop down, get a cold whatever it is that you have cold, and turn off that stupid show that is on the EBT (electron bombardment tube) and pay attention because I am only going to write this once and I may just delete it in an hour... as you know I am totally unpredictable! So here it comes to you directly from the three guys who bailed from Dolt tower today...2nd day in a row for teams of 3 to do this trick! Today’s ECR...

El Cap Report 10/02/07

ElCap Report 10/2/07

 By Tom Evans

Yeah... Remember how I waxed poetically about the weather the other day? Today was even better... really! So you are so missing out that it should just make you sick! Anyway... sorry but I have to go in a few so this will be mercifully short... Today’s report...

Zodiac: Andy and the girls have make it to the ledge at the bottom of the circle with Andy on the sharp end and the ladies doing the nasty hauling and moving the logistical swarm upward.. three cheers for the ladies! The rest of the route is vacant.


El Nino: Saw Stanley and Martina meet up with the Timmy O show on the pitch above easy street. This talented pair should have fun on this great route.

El Cap Report 10/01/07

ElCap Report 10/1/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... The ECR is brought you on the still swollen ankle of one, Ammon McNeeley, who showed up this afternoon after a too long absence from the valley. So it is Monday and all you folks jonesin for a hit of Yosemite news have come to the right place. First: Eat your hearts out!!.. Second: too bad you aren't here! All right enough envy jabs... stop drooling please ..you might short out your computer! Today’s ElCap Report... right now...

El Cap Report 09/30/07

ElCap Report 9/30/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... Remember the days when you were a kid and the world was fresh, new and exciting? When the fall breeze rustled the leaves on the trees and all the oaks and maples were turning the most beautiful colors and there was a touch of smoke in the air. When life had not jaded you one bit and the warmth of the sun on your face made you just want to shut your eyes and smell the air. Today, in the most incredible Valley in the world, was that day. It was perfect, all the elements of the physical world combined to make this day almost dreamlike in its nostalgic beauty. Everyone had a smile on their face and nodded or said hello to each other. Even the bailers were happy!!! We all knew that this was a day that would go in the top of the memory bank. So if you were not here and wanted to be, then drag out the best day you can ever remember in your entire life and enjoy how it makes you feel because that is how we all felt today!! Today’s report... brought to you on a red and golden leaf from that beautiful Sugar Maple across from the chapel here in the incomparable Yosemite.

El Cap Report 09/29/07

ElCap Report 9/29/07
 By Tom Evans
YO... beautiful day here.. strong sun with a cool wind from the west.. looked like the guys on the Cap were in jackets most of today. Anyway, get on your dancing shoes and warm up because this report is going to take you into the heart of the adventure world of Yosemite, where the footwork is delicate and the chalk is ready for those sweaty hands... Here it comes straight from the bolt kit of the "Mad Bolter" who stopped by the bridge today after making a trash run up to the base of the Cap. Here it is .... Today’s ElCap Report;..

El Cap Report 09/28/07

ElCap Report 9/28/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... busy with all kinds of things so right to the action on the Cap.
Zodiac: KFC got down and was in the cafe this am having had a speedy climb of this route in 12:51... not as fast as he wanted but close enough for now... Sweet! The party of two lower down did get to the start of the nipple pitch as I left and seemed confident and efficient.
LA: Supposedly this is a party of a Korean man and wife... they are moving steadily along and will be off in a couple more days or so..

El Cap Report 09/27/07

ElCap Report 9/27/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... High clouds today and cooler, not the day that yesterday was but not bad either.. I need some rest so this will be to the point. Today’s ElCap report..
Zodiac: The German party bivied on Peanut ledge and was off by around noon.. well done... KFC got a not so alpine start of around 10am on his solo push of the route... the lad climbed will and was even seen taking a 15 min break on the ledge at the start of the Black tower. I left a little after 5pm and he was at the mark of Zorro. He would like to get under 12 hours this time and just might do it. Also another two man team started today and were headed toward pitch 4 when I left.

El Cap Report 09/26/07

ElCap Report 9/26 /07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... Well if you are not here then drop down and give me 20 push-ups!!! So much action on the Captain that a lesser person than I would just throw up their hands and go out into the meadow, get drunk and forget about doing a report!!! But the same tenacity and determination that got me, a very average climber, up 5 ElCap routes over the last 36 years has enabled me to sort through the posers and Tourons and all the BS and still hang here at the bridge ready and able to check out the scene so you can share in the fun and events here in the Glory Hole, the very best place in all of rock climberdom. As I once told the McNeely brothers as they headed off to climb the Cap in their early days.... "Bask in the Glory, Lads, Bask in the Glory". And indeed they eventually did!!! Today was the most perfect climbing day in all of recorded history here in the Valley... the weather was so intoxicating that just breathing the air got you high and you didn't even have to be close to Puff Daddy here at the bridge or have a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff! The wall was bristling with climbing teams eager to reap the rewards of their efforts. So without further fanfare here it comes to you, wafting on the sweetest breeze you ever felt across your cheek... the ElCap Report for today.

El Cap Report 09/25/07

ElCap Report 9/25/07
 By Tom Evans
YO... Great day here in the big Ditch.. clear skies, warm, real climbers climbing on the big stone... and I did make it down to the west side to see what was up. Lots of action so I will get right to it... Here it is straight from the bridge...today’s ElCap report...

El Cap Report 09/24/07

ElCap Report 9/24/07
 By Tom Evans
All right! Listen up... it was a madhouse down here at the bridge today. Endless lines of Tourons, all of whom wanted to get an explanation of the entire sport of big wall climbing with no concept of anything to start with. Plus (a good thing) lots of climbers came by including some of the ST regulars who it is always nice to meet... but worst of all was the: 8 PARTIES WHO WERE ON THE NOSE, THE 4 WHO WERE ON THE TRIP, THE 2 ON ZODIAC, PLUS VARIOUS OTHERS ON THE SALATHE, MESCALITO, IRON HAWK.... ETC ETC... I'M DYING HERE!!!! And on top of all that I took a zillion shots today that I have to process on the computer tonight!! But all that said it was a perfectly beautiful day here with solid blue skies and warm temps.. great to be here!!! I am going to leave out the usual lecturing and BS and get right to it.... Todays ElCap report.... this is it!!

El Cap Report 09/23/087

ElCap Report 9/23/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... Well the weekend is over and the skies are clearing, no rain today, and the action is heating up on the big stone. So tie yourself in, pop a tab, and settle in for today’s ElCap report brought to you straight from the mighty ElCap bridge through the eyes of a Belgian woman (and yes she is a beauty!)hanging at the scopes today watching her boyfriend slepping up the stovelegs all afternoon. So here it is the ElCap report for today....

El Cap Report 09/22/07

ELCap report 9/22/07
 By Tom Evan
s Yo.... Not much rain last night but today around 1pm the skies opened up and it is presently pouring rain. So here is the ElCap report for today albeit kind of early in the day... also tonight around 8pm or so I am giving the AAC show in the cliff room at the Yosemite Lodge compound so come on by and stay dry and see the monkeys hiding from the rain... Todays News comes to you directly from the soaked crowd down at the ElCap bridge...
Trip: The team from yesterday planted their bag at the end of pitch 4 and came down to wait for good weather... talked to the men as we all were standing around watching the clouds drift along the face the Captain...they will return to the rock Monday most likely...

El Cap Report 09/21/07

ElCap Report 9/21/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... Straight from the top of the nose in Alex and Thomas's day pack comes the report for today... A sweet day at the bridge and you weren't here... what is the matter with you???? Today’s ElCap Report just for you.
Trip: Saw a team climb the first 2 pitches of this route today.. who are they?
El Nino: The Australians climbed up into the black dihedral this afternoon hauling bags as they went... they should be in a good position for the supposed coming storm tonight and tomorrow right under the roof pitch.
DNR: KFC and I talked to Dave this afternoon and he has decided to finish up on EWML which is casual for him. He made Wino tower today and hauled his bags with 120meters of static line this afternoon and fixed a pitch above the tower. He was quite comfortable and confident and is well set if the storm indeed comes in...got some nice shots of him climbing the rivet ladders to the tower... Nice orange shirt Dave!!

El Cap Report 09/20/07

ElCap Report 9/20/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... yep... I got your Elcap report for today right here.. bounced straight off the balding head of Logan (aka Chuck Pratt) who happened by the bridge today on his way home.. It rained a little last night and snowed above 6000ft but the valley got very little... just enough to quench the controlled burns and end the smoky valley syndrome. Partly sunny and cool today.. not bad.. mostly sunny this afternoon. Not much to report but here it is for this day...

El Cap Report 09/19/07

ElCap Report 9/19/07
 By Tom Evan
s Yo... Yes it is true. I am back, rolling in around 5 this evening. I went down to the Cap to see what the action was. So this is a quickie.

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