ElCap Report 6/8/2015

ElCap Report 6/8/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Another day of sun and warm temperatures has passed, here in the Valley.  The forecast is calling for some rain chances later in the week but at the moment the weather is exceptional.  So come on out before the heat shuts down the season, later in the month.

ElCap Report 6/7/2015

ElCap Report 6/7/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. It was another beautiful day and without the rain in the afternoon…nice!  The Nose had a NIAD team on it, Jacob Lantham and Nick Ehman, who were in the Gray Bands when I finished shooting. There was little wind today and it was hot up on the cliff.  The weather forecast is a bit uncertain these days but climbers are going up anyway.  The Nose and Salathe are quite empty at the moment and the rush will soon be on, so the sooner you get on those climbs the better chance you will have for less crowding and thus success.

ElCap Report 6/6/2015

ElCap Report 6/6/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… It was another mixed day here in the Ditch.  A nice morning, with perfect temperatures, turned into pouring rain around 2pm which continues into the evening.  Tourons are fleeing the Park, like rats from the Titanic.  Climbers are sitting around the café talking shit and fixating on their electronic devices.  Most of the teams on the Cap’s SE face are low enough to be in the “dry zone”.  However, the SSPO team is on the Island in the Sky ledge, which is exposed to rain and wind.  Also the Northern AZ crew, on the Dihedral, is in the wet zone.  All the teams on the wall have ledges and rain fly’s so we should have some good “suffering stories” but hopefully nothing serious.  I have just finished the Report, it is 7:30pm, and the rain has stopped and the sky clear!

ElCap Report 6/5/2015

ElCap Report 6.5.15   

By Tom Evans

Yo.. We had sweet weather today until around 2pm, when the thunder boomed and the lightning flashed and the rain came tumbling down.  The Nose and Salathe are presently empty, due to the forecast, no doubt.  The East side had most of the action and I never did get out west today as the rain sorta ended my day of shooting.  But here at the café, at 7:00pm the weather looks nice, with broken clouds and sun. 

ElCap Report 6/4/2015

ElCap Report 6/4/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. It is raining a bit here in the Valley, at 7pm, after a nice morning and early afternoon.  Lots of cool action on the Captain today.  Interesting routes are being done so you will see some shots of things we haven’t seen in a while.  The 3 women and 3 men, who finished the NA last evening, arrived at the Bridge this morning and all were pleased with the climbing on the classic route.  Big Andy Krikpatrick and partner Charles Sherwood also arrived from their Zodiac climb, and a good time was in order.  To top off everything… I.C. Kang and the Team Extreme Riders, from Korea, arrived too!

ElCap Report 6/3/2015

ElCap Report 6/3/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… The wind persists and it was much cooler today at the Bridge.  Clouds have moved into the Valley and there is some talk of possible rain, soon.  The Cap is seeing some good ascents these days so stay tuned for even more great climbing.  It is getting late here in the Café so I am going to write the report and put it out in the morning.  That will probably be happening a lot more, as I am getting pretty tired by day’s end and need to get on the road while it is still light, so I can get to the Ranch alive!

ElCap Report 6/2/2015

ElCap Report 6/2/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… It is still on the windy side, so I didn’t go to the EC Meadow today but hung with the troops at the Bridge.  We had a great Bridge crew today.  The Hill is kind of deserted at the moment with little action on any one route.  But I expect more recruits to arrive in the near future.  Pay attention you Cubicle Pukes!! The season is far from over and interesting climbs are being done daily.  I got word today that Brad Gobright, supported by Ryan Evans, sent Freerider.  Nice work Brad!

ElCap Report 6/1/2015

ElCap Report 6/1/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Strong winds at the meadow kept pestering my efforts all day and by 3pm it was just too windy to continue shooting.  But I did get some good shots!  It was cold and windy on unprotected parts of the Cap.  The Nose saw two NIAD teams with the first way out ahead of the other one.  The Salathe remains empty.  So take a break and come with me, up high on The North American Wall, The Shortest Straw, and Zodiac, along with other action.

ElCap Report 5/31/2015

ElCap Report 5/31/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Continued clear weather has been bringing climbers from all over to our favorite rock… El Capitan!  Emily Harrington finished Golden Gate today with a nice lead on the A-5 Traverse early in the morning.  Over on Freerider, Chris Bevins sent the route and topped out late in the evening.  So things are getting done and the action is heating up.  Why are you sitting there reading this drivel when you could be here climbing???

ElCap Report 5/30/2015

ElCap Report 5/30/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Another great climbing day is in the books.  The only problem, on this day, was the horrendous traffic!  The Park Service did a good job of keeping the traffic moving, so it only took about an hour to get from the Bridge back to the Lodge.  We did have lots of climbing on the Hill… so….

ElCap Report 5/29/2015

ElCap Report 5/29/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Continued great weather dominates late May climbing on ElCap.  It was a little too warm in the middle of the day and several teams ledged up to wait it out.  The Nose had a fair number of parties but fortunately they were pretty spread out.  There are routes galore that need YOU to get your sorry butt out here and start climbing.

ElCap Report 5/28/2015

ElCap Report 5/28/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Just in today, nice clouds and cool weather for your climbing enjoyment.  Things are subdued here at the ElCap Meadow because of the tragedy we had on the Nose yesterday.  I talked with the two partners of the deceased climber today and the resulting analysis is presented below.  Be sure to read what happened.

ElCap Report 5/27/2015

ElCap Report 5/27/15

By Tom Evans

Yo…  Splendid weather continues to highlight the mid season here in Yosemite.  Lots of climbing going on now..almost too much to keep track of.  Today we had a beautiful day of climbing that turned tragic in early afternoon.  Read more about the day below.

ElCap Report 5/26/2015

ElCap Report 5/26/15

By Tom Evans

Yo…Perfect weather continues to bring the multitudes to ElCap.  Lots of action on the Big Stone today.  But.. I need to clear up something… We climbers, and hangers on, here in Yosemite, live in a different world than the outsiders who come here to visit.  It is like they come from another planet than we live on.  Thus the term “Touron” is a takeoff from Star Trek… You got your Klingons, and Cretons and such… so since Tourist come from a world outside ours we call them “Tourons”… it is not a combination of tourist and moron!! 

ElCap Report 5/24 and 25 /2015

ElCap Report 5/24 and 25/2015

By Tom Evans

Yo… It looks like the stormy weather has passed for a time and the hoards have laid siege to ElCap.  Some interesting routes are now on the agenda.  Rally, Cubicle Pukes, put aside your boring daily tasks and take a few moments to catch up on all the action, direct from El Capitan… the greatest distraction in most of our lives!

ElCap Report 5/22 and 23 /2015

ElCap Report 5/22 and 23/2015

By Tom Evans

Yo... Rain, rain, rain.. that's just the way it is...

later ElTom

ElCap Report 5/21/2015

ElCap Report 5/21/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… I would love to have tons of shots from today to show you… but… it has rained all afternoon and is still going at 5:30pm…So… Today is Throw Back Thursday and I have selected some shots from 2012 to share with you, just in case you haven’t seen them before.  Today the team, on Zodiac climbed the White Circle, and were last seen heading up the Mark of Zorro.  That does it for today’s news!

ElCap Report 5/20/2015

ElCap Report 5/20/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Blue Bird Day here in the Ditch!  Nothing much going on up on the hill.  So… today I am going to post some shots of people I have from the past.  I am not able to identify all of the people in each shot so I will do what I can. The first four shots are from today.  BTW.. the big holiday weekend is coming up and traffic will be bad in the Valley... so I may not be able to get back to the lodge to do the report for a couple of days... so don't worry... I will combine a couple days when things settle down again.

ElCap Report 5/19/2015

ElCap Report 5/19/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… Today started out to be a bluebird day, but around 2pm clouds came in and the temperature dropped as the wind became stronger.  Not a lot of action on the Cap today, because people are still holding back, waiting for a better weather forecast.  Actually the conditions are ideal, if you can tolerate a light shower in the evening.

The recent BASE jumping accident has gotten a lot of media coverage and we still have reporters here covering the story.  The Park Service has done an excellent job of getting accident information out to the public.  You can read the details on the NPS website, or on just about any other climbing or BASE website

ElCap Report 5/18/2015

ElCap Report 5/18/15

By Tom Evans

Yo... sketchy weather has kept the Captain empty on this day.  Many friends of Dean and Graham have come to the Valley to share their grief with those of us here.  Many stories are being exchanged and the memory of the men is thus kept alive.  We pretty much know what happened that Saturday evening but it has not been officially confirmed by the NPS.  Their investigators are working hard on the available photos of the accident and descriptions from witnesses.  The results will be published in good time.  Climbers are rather hardened to the death of friends and we are taking it stride as best we can.

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