ElCap Late Season Shots 10/16/16

ElCap Late Season Shots 10/17/16

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Torrential rains, riding a wild west wind, swept into the Valley last night.  The water falls are once again booming!  ElCap is pretty empty, except for two parties on SSPO and a solo on PSD.  I have not had a chance to go down to the Cap since last evening and we now have a thick fog in the valley. So it may be some time before anything more is known about the teams up on the Cap. 

Later...4 in the afternoon... went down to the hill and saw that Regan was under the Devils Brow with a huge waterfall going past him a few feet away... still raining as it has done all day.... it is supposed to go all night too.... too much water!!!

But all this weather gives me a moment to post some shots from the past few days… so here they are..taken just for you…unique in all the world!

1)  Matt Lambert and partner Zac  Mills climbed NNL and finished a couple of days ago.  Here they are on the slab pitches leading to Timbuktu.






























2)  Regan is on PSD and here he is atop the Pyramid taking the afternoon off.





























3)  A team of 4 climbed Zodiac.  Here they are on the Nipple pitch.




























4)  Team of three on Tempest.






























5)  A team climbing out of C5 on the Nose.




























6)  Big Andy, high on the PO portion of SSPO.





























7)  I spotted this team of three on the edge of Lurking Fear.





























8)  Regan on PSD.



























9)  Third pitch SSPO.































10)  Lowering out kit on Tempest.































11)  Regan almost lost in the hugeness of the SE Face of El Capitan.




























12)  South Side Drive, Yosemite Valley, CA.




























So that’s the way it is, on this stormy day, the 16th day of October, 201

Capt. Tom… Shooting the big gun in the EC meadow.

Living the dream

Been heartbroken last few days thinking THE report is coming to an end. Ah....still hanging in there. Love it from cold dark northern Norway

Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

Some 'retirement' Tommy. Face it ... you're an ADDICT!

Cheers eh? Pete and Anita


Who's the addict Mr. Z? ;-)