ElCap Report Farewell Tour 10/9/2023

ElCap Report Farewell Tour 10/9/2023
By Tom Evans
Yo… Sunny and hot on the Hill these days .. soon to change they say, as it is more early September, than October.  There is still time for you Cubicle Pukes to vindicate your existence and get back to the valley of your dreams, for one last time, before the ECR closes down. 
Today’s ElCap Report… Written just for you… Unique in all the world!

1) Out east Eagles Way has come back to life with Ryan Rex and partner doing a quick one day a couple of days ago.  Watch out for Kenny Rose and Tow Truck Joe who fixed the first pitch yesterday!


2) Zodiac is still THE climb to do this season.  I have watched the masses swarm its ramparts while a stealthy women’s team, of Michelle Vlasich and partner Zoe have quietly but competently gone about their business.  Here they are on the Nipple pitch a couple of days ago.


3) The largest herd of climbers I have ever seen, on the route, stampeded onto Zodiac. A gang of 6, with a set of bags worthy of a Pete ascent, sent the route over several days. Here they are passing the Bear’s Claw, kit and all.


4) Regan has reached some real climbing on Bad Seed as he has put the lower broken up early sections of the route behind.


5) In the meantime the guys on LA, Joe and Jeremy are seen here finishing up on the route yesterday.


6) The heat has been on for days on the SE face, as seen here in an early morning shot of Wes and Nate, on the Trip.  No puffy’s here! 


7)  Another team, Blake and Dan are cruising on Mescalito and are seen here letting us know that things are A-Ok from the Bismark Ledge, high on the route.


8)  I spotted this team of two clearing the Shield Roof a couple of days ago.. looking good guys!


9)  Same crew on the Shield… so you make the call… which to take .... inflatable ledge or rigid ledge?


10)  Regan sweltering on Bad Seed yesterday!


Three “blasts from the past”!
11)  Huber brothers, at the Bridge, down from their record free ascent of Zodiac. Early 2000s.


12)  No one even noticed the guy on the right… one of the best rock climbers on the planet.  Beat Kammalander.  


13)  Sarah Land giving haircuts at the Bridge… several of us used her excellent services.  Cheyne Lempe sitting on the curb.


14) Meadow crew from 10/8/2023. Earl Bates shot.


In other news:  Cooler weather on the way… another team on Eagles Way… FreeRider getting more attention… Nose pretty empty… boiling out west.. some smoke drifting in from fires.. stay tuned.  

So that’s the way it is, on this Monday, the 9th day of October, 2023.

Capt. Tom