ElCap Report 6/23/2015

ElCap Report 6/23/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. The weather continues to hold without the excessive heat predicted.  We like that!  In a few days from now we will get our due as the temps are going over 100 degrees for the first time this year.  The “locals” did get the record on Aquarian yesterday, 18:10! 

This will be the last ElCap Report of the Season.  Many thanks to those who have donated to the site.  Expenses were high this season and everything helps.  Also, thanks to you loyal readers who have read and supported the Report over the years.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Zodiac:  The Korean Alpine Club finished the route this afternoon.  I know I use this shot a lot but it was the best one I got of them as the light is horrible from about 10 to 2 due to the position of the sun.





























2)  Sea of Dreams:  Big Andy continues to get it done and is high on the route now.  Here is a shot of him this morning.






























3)  Andy spent a lot of time finding the line on this, the Price is Right, pitch.  Here his is just about out of the sun.





























4)  Andy is seen here cleaning the pitch later in the afternoon.






























5)  El Rapitan:  Someone, about to take one of the biggest steps in Yosemite… the step off ElCap!






























6)  It has been a pleasure to shoot these people as it gives me more time to look at the incredible rock that makes ElCap so spectacular!































Over on the Real Nose the team is making progress.  Some good climbing is going on there.  The upper section has been particularly interesting and both Steve and Pete have done some nice leads.  I don't much like the camping out part but that seems to be working for them.  Good luck in a safe finish to the climb.


7)  On the Nose:  This team climbed well yesterday and made ECT but turned around above the ledge and came down in an orderly, well done manner… but … well you know….































8)  Lower down YMS guide Mark Grundon, led his 17 year old client, Derek, up the Legs and onto ECT later in the afternoon.  This is a shot in the Legs.






























9)  The lead team of the day was these guys, who did the Jardine Traverse and are seen here going into Camp 4.






























10)  Over on Brad and Mason’s direct start to Golden Gate, Brad teamed up with Alex Honnold to do the upper part with the Freeblast start.  Here Alex is past the Roof Pitch at the belay.






























11)  Later in the afternoon, they were on Golden Gate and Brad took a fall on the Vertical Desert pitch.  Looked like he may have injured his wrist or perhaps a foot.. it was hard to tell.  I saw the fall but was not ready to shoot it.  Alex took over the lead and cruised the pitch.





























In other news:  I will be here, shooting, a few days longer.  Those of you who were not able to get your shots while you were here please email me a reminder mentioning the climb and dates you did it.. also a shirt color would be great.  I will drop box you the shots when I get home as my home internet is much faster than that here.

See you next season,

 Capt. Tom