ElCap Report 6/19/2015

ElCap Report 6/19/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… Well, it isn’t very nice here today.  There are three fires outside the park, to the west and south of us.  The Valley was filled with smoke, that came in last night, and is staying around today.  Plus it is hot and no new teams are going up at the moment.  If this continues for a few more days I will call the season finished.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Last evening I got to go home an hour or so earlier than usual and I stopped to get some shots along the way.  You can see the smoke starting to pass over and into the Valley.





























2)  Leaning Tower.






























3)  The sunset view from Foresta, near where I am camped.





























4)  The view of the Nose I was greeted with this morning.  Most of my shots today were deletes as the smoke and heat made things difficult to say the least.





























5)  Zodiac:  The Korean Alpine Club team has been climbing with greater efficiency the past couple of days and today is top out day for them!  Here the leading part of the team is starting the first of the two slab pitches at the end of the route.






























6)  Lower down the hauling crew, on Peanut Ledge, is finishing packing the kit for the haul.






























7)  Over on the Sea, Andy finished the pitch above the notorious Hook or Book pitch he did yesterday.






























8)  It pays to be “Big Andy” when it comes to hauling kit…the bigger the counter weight, the easier the haul!































9)  Over on the Nose Hans Florine and two friends are doing a NIAD to raise funds for diabetes research.  Here they are on Dolt Tower this morning.  They were on the Great Roof when I left this afternoon.





























10)  Higher on the Nose I was lucky to get a relatively clear moment to get this shot of the 3D team we saw yesterday.






























11)  The Muir was very difficult to shoot today and this was just about the best I could do for that team.  Here they are on the ledge below the infamous overhang, where disaster struck two seasons ago.































The Real Nose Team spent the day hauling, hauling, and hauling.


In other news:  The bad air and heat are the big news here and I suspect that a lot of climbers will bail now due to these conditions.  Remember, no report tomorrow, although I will still be shooting.

So that’s the way it is, for this Friday, the 19th day of June, 2015.

Capt. Tom…in the smoke house!