ElCap Report 5/31/2015

ElCap Report 5/31/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Continued clear weather has been bringing climbers from all over to our favorite rock… El Capitan!  Emily Harrington finished Golden Gate today with a nice lead on the A-5 Traverse early in the morning.  Over on Freerider, Chris Bevins sent the route and topped out late in the evening.  So things are getting done and the action is heating up.  Why are you sitting there reading this drivel when you could be here climbing???

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you.. unique in all the world!

1)  Bad to the Bone:  I did catch a view of Erik Eriksson moving some kit up his fixed lines, late in the day.






























2)  Zodiac: Andy and Charles are moving along well and were just finishing the Black Tower, when I got this shot.  Here Charles is tending the belay while Andy cleans the pitch.




























3)  Shortest Straw:  John Selove got into the White Circle this morning and is efficiently getting the pitches done.  He looks strong and confident thus far.  Here he is later in the day.






























NA Wall:  The Vegas guys were in the Black Dihedral after crossing the traverse pitches around mid day.

4)  Lower down, the women’s team climbed the relatively easy pitches to Big Sur ledge this morning.  Here they are on Big Sur with June leading off to do the first pendulum.





























5)  Later in the day Shayna went out and quickly dispatched the difficult pendulum that confounds many.  That girl can swing!






























6)  Over on the Nose, the mob moved up the upper dihedral and soon were lined up for the summit pitch.  Here Dan, who seems to have joined with a team of two, is hauling kit to the start of the Pancake Flake Pitch.




























7)  Several teams climbed off by late in the day.





























8)  Golden Gate:  Emily Harrington is seen here climbing the A-5 Traverse early this morning… the light was not good so the pic is below my usual standard, but it was an important pitch for her to get done.





























9)  Later in the afternoon, Emily reached the top.  Nice climbing by this excellent young climber.





























10)  Freerider:  Chris did send the route after several days of effort.  I am not sure if Jacob did too or was just in support of Chris.  Here Bronwyn escorts the bags as the light came on this morning.




























Lost World:  It looks like the crew out there didn’t change their position, so yesterdays shot will work for today.


11)  A new feature of the report will be:

“Tom’s Shot of The day!”  John, on the Straw, in the White Circle late this afternoon.


























In other news:  A cooling trend is expected to take charge for the next several days so be sure to come on out.  The Nose is empty save for some people fixing to Sickle.  Also the Salathe/Freerider is wanting for some company up there.

So that’s the way it is, for this Sunday, the 31st and last day of May, 2015.

Later, Capt. Tom

Golde Gate

Hey Tomorrow, this is the short 12a right after the A5 which she also fell on cause its hard.

Awesome photos as usual, Tom!

Awesome photos as usual, Tom!