ElCap Report 5/30/16

ElCap Report 5/30/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Excellent, warm, cloudless weather has arrived in Yosemite.  Too bad, as cloudy days make the best shots in the spring and keep the crews cool.  Some interesting action on the Captain today.. read all about it below.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world!

Zodiac:  Craig is the new solo on the route and is moving along real well.  He climbed into the Circle and was at the Nipple pitch when I left.

1) Craig climbing into the Circle this morning.





























2) The middle of the White Circle is a lonely place for a solo in the afternoon sun.





























ZM:  Sean Warren is killing it on this photogenic track.

3) Sean hanging out before starting climbing this morning.



























4)  Sean on the Lightning Bolt Roofs.






























5) Sean leading toward the 9 O’Clock roof this aftrernoon.





























6)  Iron Son:  Chris and Nathan got moving as soon as the sun reached them this morning.


























7)  Here they are headed toward the Golden Nipple pitch. I think they will be off late today.





























8)  Over on the NA Wall, Dustin and Mark climbed back to camp this morning with new pulleys.  Liz stayed on the deck with hand problems.  Here the team is leading toward Big Sur Ledge.






























9)  Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds are out there as I write this report… they did the Nose in about 4:30 this morning and headed to the Salathe to do that route… hopefully both in a day.  The afternoon was cooking so we will see how they fared in the morning.  Here they are topping out on the Nose.






























Lower down another NIAD team climbed smartly up the route and should be off by supper time.  Maybe they were locals Bud and Greg.


Lower yet Tony and Stanley did a Dolt run.


Still lower I spotted Nick Martino and his wife Jenn in the lower stovelegs on a wall style climb… just for the fun of it!


Muir:  The team at the crossover, from yesterday, chose the Muir, and are moving along well. I am not sure who people are but they are a mixed team and are climbing very well thus far!

10)  Here is the belay at the start of the upper third of the route.



























11)  Hauling kit, Muir Wall.



























12)  Shield:  Eric Bissel, Alexa Flower, and Jane Jackson are on the route.  They climbed up from Mammoth and are seen here on the traverse pitch to the start of the Roof.





























13)  We had a good crew ebb and flow today in the meadow




























In other news:  Yay!! The weekend is over!  But remember it was more than just an extra day off.  Many, many men and women have given their lives so we can enjoy being citizens in this great country.  They are gone but what they did will never be forgotten.

So that’s the way it is, on this Monday, the 30th of May, 2016.

Capt. Tom… kinda worn out now…