ElCap Report 5/29/2015

ElCap Report 5/29/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Continued great weather dominates late May climbing on ElCap.  It was a little too warm in the middle of the day and several teams ledged up to wait it out.  The Nose had a fair number of parties but fortunately they were pretty spread out.  There are routes galore that need YOU to get your sorry butt out here and start climbing.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

 Zodiac:  Big Andy Kirkpatrick and Charles Sherwood showed up fixing on the route today.


1)  Shortest Straw:  John Selove saddled up early, as seen here, and climbed well all the time I was shooting. 





























Tangerine Trip:  I think both teams, the women’s and the solo, climbed off late yesterday. 


2)  NA Wall:  The Vegas boys, Mike, Simon, and Jason are using the three man system to keep the leader out leading and are making good time as a result.  Here they are on the 8th pitch this afternoon.





























3)  Over on Mescalito, Lorna and Hiroki were on the move early and probably made the ship’s bow today.  Here they are a couple of pitches above the top of the Bismarck.





























4)  On the Nose, Dan from New Zealand, had his partners depart after a day of grinding in the Legs…so he is going on as a solo.  Here he is climbing the pitch above Dolt Tower.





























5)  Later in the afternoon, Dan, climbed to ECT where I got this shot of him.  He looks strong and is going well… Goooo Dan!!!






























6)  Higher on the Nose, Phil and Helen, climbed from the Gray Bands past the Great Roof while I was shooting.  They have planned an 8 day climb and are moving steadily along.  Here they are at the start of the Great Roof this morning.





























7)  Later in the afternoon I got this shot of them passing the Great Roof.





























8)  This King Swinger, on the Nose, came to the end a little high to make the corner… but he rallied and made a vault over the edge and never had to go to Eagle ledge.  Nice!





























9)  Lower down, even the ElCap Salute couldn’t keep the mob moving very well.  It was a long day if you were in the Stovelegs!






























10)  Over on Golden Gate, Emily is working things out and is having good success.  Here she is working the 12.a face pitch in the cool morning air.





























11)  When the sun came around the corner it got so hot that Emily and team ledged up to wait for cooler conditions.






























12)  Lower down, at the Alcove, on the Salathe route, Chris Bevins, Jacob Cook, and Bronwyn Hodgins, laid around for the morning and did climb a bit later in the day. 




























13)  Out west Pete, Rhett, and Anita were busy dealing with the junk show most of the morning.  I didn’t see them climbing while I was shooting.





























In other news:  Be sure to read yesterday’s Report and click the link to the Yosemite Climbing website to get their report on the Nose accident a few days ago.

So that’s the way it is, for this Friday, the 29th day of May, 2015.

Capt. Tom… see you in the meadow!

Beautiful pics as always.

I have been under a rock for most of the spring and have neglected my ElCap Reports. Good to be back in the saddle reading about other's exploits while I play cubicle puke. Stay safe everyone. Hi to Chris Bevins. Haven't seen you since 2013. Good to see Pete getting it done. Sorry I won't be able to share a beer with Mr. Kirkpatrick. so much fun to share a brew at the bridge with the tribe. Thanks for the reports Tom!