ElCap Report 5/26/2015

ElCap Report 5/26/15

By Tom Evans

Yo…Perfect weather continues to bring the multitudes to ElCap.  Lots of action on the Big Stone today.  But.. I need to clear up something… We climbers, and hangers on, here in Yosemite, live in a different world than the outsiders who come here to visit.  It is like they come from another planet than we live on.  Thus the term “Touron” is a takeoff from Star Trek… You got your Klingons, and Cretons and such… so since Tourist come from a world outside ours we call them “Tourons”… it is not a combination of tourist and moron!! 

Today’s ElCap Report.. written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Upper East Side is seeing Erik Eriksson and Paul Cress taking a shot at one of those “Bad” climbs.  I think it is Bad to the Bone but am not sure.  Here we see Erik hauling some freight and as always has on his favorite black outfit!!!






























2)  Shortest Straw:  John hauled kit to the top of the first pitch today and is blasting in a couple of days.





























3)  A couple of days ago a solo climbed the direct start to the Trip but didn’t return.  He was waiting for the women’s team to get ahead of him.  Now he is on the route and here he is leading the 5th pitch.





























4)  Kitty and Karen are making good time up the Trip now and are seen here on the 8th pitch this afternoon.





























5)  The PO Team is making excellent progress up the route and climbed the Bearing Straights to the Island in the Sky while I shot.  Here they are starting the long pitches to the Island in the Sky.




























6)  Later in the day the leader reached the Island in the Sky just as the sun left that part of the route.




























7)  On Mescalito Lorna and Hiroki climbed the long pitches leading to the Molar Traverse.  Laura is seen here leading as the afternoon light floods out the colors.





























8)  The traffic jam in the Stovelegs moved right up the cliff as it would appear that no one bailed yesterday from the Legs.  Here is Phil doing the King Swing while NIAD partner Drew tends the line.





























9)  Later in the day I got this shot from the Bridalveil straight away.  Phil is leading the Pancake Flake.





























10)  A bit lower down a NIAD team of Ross and Bob weaved their way through the crowd.  King Swing in progress.





























11)  Lower down the British team of Phil and Helen made Dolt tower in the early afternoon.






























12)  On the Salathe there is still a lot of traffic as Freeriders, Golden Gaters, and Salathe hopefuls played bumper cars with each other.  This is a wall style team climbing the Headwall.





























13)  Later I saw the team from the previous shot climbing off Long Ledge, heading for the top.






























14)  Lower down a few climbers rest and hang out on top of ElCap Spire after a good day’s climbing.





























I did see Pete, Rhett, and Anita moving along on Lost world.. mostly hauling freight. 

15)  Out on Lurking Fear I spotted Skot, Fabio, and Tow Joe finishing off the 7th pitch.  Good progress for that team.






























In other news:  Not much other news these days… just lots of wall climbers out and about in the excellent conditions.

So that’s the way it is, for this Tuesday, the 26th day of May, 2015.

Late, Ansel Evans

From Oz

Great photos Tom – we follow your site with interest from down here in Australia when ever our son is in the valley. That’s Cameron doing a solo, following the girls up the Trip.

PO Team

Hey Tom,

Awesome shots! The PO Wall Team is Andrew Christensen (blue helmet), Brian Collet (white helmet) and Paul Hamblin (red helmet).

The Nose

Awesome report and good news about the Brits...Thanks Tom Armando

El Cap Photos

Tom- Nice work on photos and also keeping up with who is climbing. Helps them become "people" instead of dots on the walls!

you rock

Thanks for the feed