ElCap Report 5/21/2015

ElCap Report 5/21/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… I would love to have tons of shots from today to show you… but… it has rained all afternoon and is still going at 5:30pm…So… Today is Throw Back Thursday and I have selected some shots from 2012 to share with you, just in case you haven’t seen them before.  Today the team, on Zodiac climbed the White Circle, and were last seen heading up the Mark of Zorro.  That does it for today’s news!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  The crew hanging at the Bridge.  The entertainment provided by James Lucas.


























2)  Cheyne Lempe, cleaning the long traverse to the start of the Wing pitch, on Native Son.  His partner, Mark Hudon, lead the pitch.



























3)  Hauling bags past the Harding Roof, Wall of the Early Morning Light.





























4)  Leo Houlding, pausing while leading the Pancake Flake, Nose Route.  His partner was Sean (Stanley) Leary.



























5)  Jack Hoeflick and Zack Milligan finishing the King Swing pitch on a NIAD (Nose in a Day) climb.



























6)  Cody Sims, jugging big air, past the Salathe Headwall.





























7)  Jesse Huey sending the Monster Crack, from the bottom, on his send of Freerider, supported by Dave Allfrey.





























8)  Kate Robertson, leading the sweet corner on Horse Chute.





























9)  Some Dude leading the pitch to the Molar Traverse, on Mescalito.





























10)  Will Stanhope on his send of, “The Prophet”.




























11)  Random Dudes bailing from above the Jardine Traverse.





























12)  Traffic jam in the middle of the Stovelegs.





























13)  Cheyne Lempe leading the Wing on Native Son.





























14)  Niels Tietze, getting the sun, while jugging a miles long line, up to the Shield headwall.





























15)  Random Dudes, hauling freight on Mescalito.





























16)  Early morning shot of ElCap Spire, Salathe Wall Route.





























Remember, the holiday weekend is coming up and I may not be able to get to the internet.. so don’t be surprised if there is no report for a few days.

So that’s the way it is, on this rainy Thursday, the 21st day of 2015.

Later, Capt. Tom


Thursday 5/21

Tom, met you today and you were kind enough to let me see through your lens and then you took several pictures of the climber with my measly telephoto lens. I thank you for that bit of kindness and the sharing spirit. I love the images here. I am a fan on the valley floor. That's where I like it but these people are amazing to watch and marvel at.

Well done my friend. Even

Well done my friend. Even when there's no action you keep us entertained.
Nice shots. Keep them coming!


Great shots

As always, fantastic pix (even if it is TBT)! Good way to keep us pukes salivating, Capt! Love seeing the Report come back to life.