ElCap Report 5/17/12

ElCap Report 6/17/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… another solid day here in the Valley. See the pic below to view the weather. The action is heating up but not to a high degree yet. Several teams are heading up tomorrow so I hope to have more to write about.

Today’s ElCap Report… written just for you…unique in all the world!

Prophet: I did see Nik Berry working the pitches below the Devil’s Brow this morning. Who he will end up with as a partner and when he will start from the ground is presently a mystery.

Zodiac: A team of three started off the deck this morning via the Direct Start and were finishing the third when I left.


























1)  ElCap salute, first pitch of Zodiac.



Higher up, Scott Lappin, Krisoffer Wickstrom, and Wayne Willoughby are on a push of the route. They were entering the Circle when I departed.



























2)  Kris doing the Black Tower squat.





























3)  Kris entering the White Circle.



Nose: All the teams from yesterday climbed off last night. Brian and John did a 22 hour NIAD.

The mixed team from yesterday climbed to ECT and were finishing the King Swing pitch as I departed. The man started the swing a little too high but made up for it with enthusiasm and determination. They should be at Camp 4 for the bivy.

























4)  Finishing the King Swing pitch the right way!



Lower down a team was seen hauling kit to the start of the Stovelegs.


























5)  Not much space at the belay to haul kit from.



Salathe/Freerider: The Norwegian team with the kit from yesterday worked their way from the spire to the Block this afternoon. They logged some air time at the usual places.

Lower down the team of Erik Fischer and Ross Andrea started on their bid for the Salathe. They decided to haul the Freeblast instead of moving loads up the rap lines to Heart Ledge. I’m sure they paid dearly!!


























6)  Hauling kit up the slab…. No fun!


Aquarian: Doug McKee and partner Scotty blasted today on this slab fest on the west side. They were a pitch below Timbuktu when I left.

I didn’t get out west this afternoon so I don’t know anything that is going on out there.

























7)  ElCap this morning.



This winter I took a couple cruises and am including a few shots from the Western Caribbean one.






















8)  Our ship, the Carnival Legend. A sweet ride with all the goodies!




























9)  The Beach at Xcarat, Mexico, on our way to the Mayan ruins at Tulum.
























10)  The Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas off the coast of Belize.


In other news: Not much other news today. Several climbers came by today and hung out. Brian and John got down from their NIAD and basked in the glory!!!

























11)  Brian and John, basking.


























12)  New parking at the Bridge for Mini-vans!


So that’s the way it is for this Thursday, the 17th day of May, 2012.

Later Capt. Tom





Is that Kris Wickstrom on Zodiac Tom? Hopefully they'll be off before the next ECR.
Yep.. thanks for the correction!


YEAH!Way to fuckin go Brian and John! I know you wanted this bad. Glad its over?


Congrats BriGuy! King for a

Congrats BriGuy! King for a Day!!!

losing beta

Love hearing this stuff.
But the comments you make end at the right of the screen on my monitor.
I don't get a lot of what you're saying due to that technical sadness.
And I am sure that I'm probably missing out on the right edges of your shots, too. Crap.
The Mouse, "a human visitor."
I don't get that complaint from others at the moment.  Must be something in your screen set up.  Tom

Maybe scroll to the right??

Maybe scroll to the right??

White Circle?

Yarrr! Isn't it the Grey Circle?
Thanks for the reports Tom, keep 'em coming.
It is called both!!  Tom