ElCap Report 5/16/2015

ElCap Report 5/16/15

By Tom Evans

Yo..  Today we had a beautiful day in the Valley.. right up until it started raining!  Fortunately the rain came in very late in the day.  We actually had some action on the Big Stone too!  So here we go Cubicle Pukes… climbing is on for the spring season!  In this report I will also cover a some shots from the past few days…I don’t have many because I was busy with other shooting for the past week.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world! 

1)  View in the EC Meadow this afternoon.




























2)  Pacific Ocean Wall:  A team of three started on the route today and are moving along well.  Here is Aaron Cassebeer leading the 2nd pitch.






























3)  Here is the PO team of Aaron, Brent Cooley, and Scott finishing up the 2nd pitch.






























4)  Nose:  I spotted a team of two fixers doing the 2nd pitch later in the afternoon.































5)  I spotted a mixed team hauling freight up the fixed lines to Heart Ledge this morning.






























6)  Later in the day a couple of teams were spotted on the Freeblast and this leader looked good but a cold and windy afternoon sent everyone down by 6pm.






























Here are a few shots from the past week.

7)  A few days ago we had a one day break in the weather and there was rush to do NIAD’s with some success.  Here is one of the lead teams on the Pancake Flake.





























8)  Freerider is, as always, a much sought after climb.  Earlier in the season James Lucas sent the route free in a day!  Here is another team having a run at the Monster Crack.





























9)  I spotted this team’s leader on the Salathe Headwall, late one afternoon.





























Zodiac and the Trip have seen a couple of ascents since I arrived.  Holly Webb and Lorna Illingworth made an ascent of Lurking Fear in difficult conditions last week.


10)  One day, while shooting down valley, Kenny Yager, stopped by where John Long and I were hanging out and stayed a while to catch up on the local news.  John… those guns.. OMG!  Those guns!  Love the sunglasses and hat!





























11)  The old Captain and the Captain!  Ted Distel photo.




























In other news:  The weather continues to be the story here… another week of possible rain has the crew on edge.. some are heading out to Jail House rock to keep from festering here.

So that’s the way it is, for this Saturday, the 16th day of May, 2015

Capt. Tom… hanging around … just for you!

The Report for El Cap

Tom Thank you for the excellent trip report. I am sitting here at home in Upland Ca watching the weather report constantly and yes I am on edge and a little bummed about the current weather conditions rain and cold...Thus my plan was to leave today (Sunday) to climb a route on El Cap with my friend Andre who you may know from S.D. After reading your report and seeing those few awesome photographs got me psyched. But that darn weather forecast from NOAA has got me wondering on what to do! Thank you Armando