ElCap Report 10/27/2014

ElCap Report 10/27/14

By Tom Evans

Yo… Another killer day in Yosemite, is in the books.  The Nose has regained its popularity, as has the Salathe/Freerider.  Libby and Mayan are making another run tomorrow, starting at 7:30am, so come on down and see the climbing for yourself.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you…unique in all the world!

1)  Lunar Eclipse/Zodiac:  Looks like the two teams that were next to each other stayed at Peanut and the Lunar team climbed off first.






























Lower down, Steve from JTree climbed into the Circle today and just might have added to Nipple pitch too.


2)  Trip:  Todd finished the 5th and 6th while I was shooting and is seen here coming back to the middle of the 5th.






























3)  Todd leading the 6th this afternoon.






























4)  Lower, the two Italians and KP climbed to the corner of the roof.  Looks like a stray shadow in the shot…oh yeah… that’s one of the men, dressed in black!































5)  Jim Beyer is on the Iron Hawk route now and is seen here this afternoon.






























New Dawn:  I spotted a team of two on the third pitch this afternoon and don’t know their ultimate destination.

Nose:  Several teams went on the route at the same time today.

6)  Here you see the cluster of three parties at the top of Sickle this morning.






























7)  A NIAD team, of Shelton and Drew, broke from the pack and made good time all the way to the Great Roof when I departed.  Here they are in the Legs.































8)  The Salathe/Freerider is getting a lot of attention these days.  The best shot I got was of the Spire in the morning.






























9)  The Girls, Mayan and Libby, Marek, Erik, and I, hung out in the meadow, while the sun was shining.  Marek photo.




























10)  Marek was loving the sun and the view from the meadow, after his two week ascent of Surgeon General.





























In other news:  Madaleine Sorkin and Nate Beckwith are making a run at Freerider, in the morning, just to see what they can do.

Alex Honnold and Josh McCoy, are going on the PreMuir for a try at freeing it, over the next few days.  They previously climbed the first 16 pitches on a recon mission.


I am leaving on Friday, which will be the women’s last run on the Nose, unless they completely crush it tomorrow.  The weather for the weekend looks sketchy and I need to get home and get ready for my upcoming, 25 day ocean cruise, on the Grand Princess!!  Ha!  Living the dream!

So that’s the way it is, for this Monday, the 27th day of October, 2014.

Later, ElTom