ElCap Report 10/15/2015

ElCap Report 10/15/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. We have had very little rain today… barely a sprinkle, but there is a controlled burn, not far from ElCap, that has the entire west end of the Valley in thick smoke.  Hopefully it will stay “controlled”!  I couldn't’t actually see anyone on the cliff and by looking at the first two shots below you can see why!  Around 4pm the smoke was carried of to the east by the wind and I was able to get a few shots.  There will not be a Report tomorrow as I am out shooting a project for Adidas Outdoor.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you ..Unique in all the world!

1)  EMC





























2)  ElCap through the smoke.

























3)  I did get this shot of Mash and Schuyler and new teammate Tommi, climbing on the pitch to Peanut Ledge on Zodiac, later in the day.




























4)  Lightning Bolt Roofs on ZM.






























5  9 O'clock Roof on Zm.



























6)  Joe leading, while Matt and Zack tend the belay, on Aurora this afternoon.






























7)  Leading Mescalito's famous, Bismarck.




























8)  Late evening light on Sunkist!


























So that’s the way it is, for the 15th day of October, 2015.

Capt. Tom… always in some kind of a haze…