El Cap Report 10/28/07

ElCap Report 10/28/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... well it rained a little last night but nothing to be bailing for... also a late shower today down at the Awhanee Hotel where I went for Brunch after I quit shooting early, around 1:30 pm .. so I don't know what happened, late, down at the Rock. Most of the day has been nice and parties are moving up the rock.... Today’s Report is brought to you by the Hot French Chic who came by to get shots of the Shield she and partner were on last week.. you remember ...the one with the nice matching blue Camisole/headband outfit who could climb the big route as well as anyone... Style... while they not may have a lot going for them otherwise, the French know how to look good on a wall... take note grungefesting American slobs! Here it is...


Today’s ECR...

Zodiac: Well, suddenly this climb is all the rage again... our man Gene was seen leading the second half of the first pitch from about 10:30 to 1:30 when I left... let me see... one pitch...mmmm... two days...mmmmm...two times 16 pitches = number of days.....mmmmm Gene, take more food and water!!! The two man team was entering the White Circle when I left. The much anticipated "Norwegian Team" of three, two of them and an American, showed up today and climbed the so called "direct start" aka "the pile of horse dung pitch" in an attempt to get by our man Gene... needn't have rushed it guys! Anyway I have their names and will write them this one time only and hereafter just call them the Norwegians, even though they aren't all Norwegians...Nils, Ornulf, Phil. I wonder which one is not Norwegian??? Anyway they are appropriately dressed for a team wanting nice shots of themselves... not like a certain NIAD team who were dressed by clothing firm for the blind. Nils wife was at the bridge watching every move her man did on the route today, she is equipped with a lawn chair, food, and seems to be entrenched for the duration... too bad, because now I have to watch my language and generally try to be a nice guy. I did talk to Adam who made a nice 5 day solo climb of the route and was actually looking good and strong after the climb... he had a good time and left soon afterward..

Nose: The two guys from yesterdays late start, predictably bailed from ECT this morning... Scotty Vinceck and Kevin Who? were seen in the stovelegs on a NIAD... at least I think it was them... or it was a collection of earth tone rags that were being mysteriously dragged up the face.. climbing well, they were in the gray bands when I left... The rest of the route is empty.

Salathe/Free Rider: Saw Lucho and partner climb the Monster crack to the Alcove this morning... probably bound for the Block. Lower Down was the Gleason/Dana SAR team whom, I suppose, finally found the line yesterday after wandering around on the FreeBlast looking like Tournons with an upside down map. They were just about to climb the Monster Crack when I left... they are hauling a serious set of bags too... Lower Down yet.... Alex Honnold, new wonder boy of the Cap, and partner Chris, came from the ground today and are headed toward the Alcove (where gear is stashed) and then on over to Golden Gate if all goes as planned.. They had climbed to the pitch above the Hollow flake when I left.. this should be fun to watch as the friendly, talented, young Alex, is on a hot streak these days and nothing seems too difficult for him.

In other news... did talk to TC and BR yesterday for a short time ... seems they are about to depart on a little vacation to the GC where they will do some rafting and climbing too.... they are psyched.... like, who wouldn't be!!! We had our last AAC sponsored climbing show last night at the lodge... a nice crowd showed up and my buddy Ivo was very entertaining with his drunken outbursts during the show... Go Ivo!!! The Tourons were duly impressed!! The weather is still holding, with the exception of a few drops of rain which are not detering anyone on the Big Stone... The Trip is empty as is the Nose, after today. All the traffic is on Zodiac and Salathe/Free Rider. So that means that about 98 routes are empty... so... were are you? Now or never.... last call for the fall 2007 season... hell, we still have great fall colors too! Come on out if only to see the trees!

So that's the way it is for this the 28th day of October 2007...the day that Gene finished his first pitch on Zodiac...

Later Tom Evans