El Cap Report 09/22/07

ELCap report 9/22/07
 By Tom Evan
s Yo.... Not much rain last night but today around 1pm the skies opened up and it is presently pouring rain. So here is the ElCap report for today albeit kind of early in the day... also tonight around 8pm or so I am giving the AAC show in the cliff room at the Yosemite Lodge compound so come on by and stay dry and see the monkeys hiding from the rain... Todays News comes to you directly from the soaked crowd down at the ElCap bridge...
Trip: The team from yesterday planted their bag at the end of pitch 4 and came down to wait for good weather... talked to the men as we all were standing around watching the clouds drift along the face the Captain...they will return to the rock Monday most likely...
El Nino: Watched the Australians climbing the pitches between the roof pitch and Cyclops eye so apparently they are sheltered and chose to climb on through the colder conditions.. nice!!
DNR: Saw Dave through a break in the clouds sitting next to his portaledge on Wine tower... I was without my radio today so I couldn't talk with the lad but he looks fine.
Ivo Direct: Ivo of course has the most sheltered place on ElCap at the moment and I managed to get a couple of "storm shots" of him between passing clouds. The man is as dry as a bone up there high on the wall and I am sure he is "Raging"!!
There it is... all I know about the Cap today.... Rumors abound about an all woman’s team poised for a shot at Mescalito... I will keep you posted....also several parties are fixed to Sickle ledge on the Nose and we will see who breaks out into the lead of that snarling pack. Many of the old school hands were hanging around the line-up of vehicles down at the meadow but most left when the rain started in earnest... So that's the way it here on a soggy 22nd of Sept. 2007 this is one day when I think you are better off where ever you are than here!! Oohhhh!!! Just heard a long peel of thunder rumble through the valley... nice to be inside.... See you tonight at the show or later sometime...
Signing off.... ElCap-Pics Tom Evans