El Cap Report 09/04/07

ElCap Report 9/04/07
 By Tom Evans
Yo... Yes you are in luck... another ElCap report for those inquiring minds who have to know what is going on in the glory hole. Another sweet day here with bright skies and nice breezes... plus action on the great stone... doesn't get a lot better than this folks. Slept late and didn't make it to the cafe today but was down at the bridge shooting by 11am. Not surprisingly the ElCap bridge shuttle has stopped for the year, as they say the numbers are not great enough to support it... yeah.. maybe if they waited for the fall season to start they would have more riders!!! So here is all the news direct from the time and place that you wish you were. The ElCap report for this day, 4 Sept. 2007, direct to you from Dean Potters 90,000 lb. test slack line that he showed us today... formerly a tie line for the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz!!

On the water front... well there wasn't anything going on over there so maybe I was misinformed about a possible attempt...
Zodiac: The owners of the haul bag on the third pitch did show up today and were in cruise control mode... I left around 3:30 and they were finishing up the bolt ladder pitch..
The Trip... seems that the two gangs of 4 are moving slowly along... my secret sources report that they are composted of Army Rangers under the watchful eye of old salts to be sure things go as planned.
NA Wall.. Cam and Scott were seen moving up to Big Sur ledge in a casual but rapid mode this day Of course they were dressed in the worst colors ever photographed on the face, so I had to be creative to get any shots where they could be seen against the rock... go guys!!
Tempest:  I saw KFC, Aaron Jones, do the rubber band man pendulum this afternoon and got some good shots of the wiley young man doing what he does best....
Mescalito: Did see Matt to the end of the Molar traverse and move up to the wide crack above... heard that he has a limited supply of water and is counting on a stash of 3 gallons on the top of the Bismarck to get him through the climb. Ivo and Dave... these two lads hauled some water and stuff to the base near the start of Mescalito and are poised to start on their two different lines, solo. I invited them to dinner tonight at the Curry buffet so they can carbo load for the coming climbs ... come on by if you get near here around 7pm.
Nose: The team of three is making progress and I shot them doing the great roof and the pitch above late in the afternoon. There was no sign of the team from yesterday that was above Camp 5 and I guess they climbed off. Several teams are poised at the fixed lines to Sickle ready to start in the morning. Spanish climbers stopped by to visit a bit and look through the scope. Also Logan Talbot, aka, Chuck Pratt, stopped by and spent a long time hanging out and reported he is about to go on the Nose and will fix to sickle tomorrow with his friend, Whn... what's his name.
Muir/3D .. I did see a team when I went down to the west end who were at the belay after the Muir traverse... don't know what they are going to do. Salathe: Photographed a team of what appeared to be 3 climbers doing up and over the headwall this morning... by afternoon when I got down to the west end they were gone.. otherwise the route is empty.
In other news.... many visitors at the bridge today... Erik Sloan and Cher showed up and chatted for quite a while this afternoon, as did Dean Potter, Crobin, Ivo, Dave T. Chuck Pratt, Mikie and Kate. Ian stopped by on his bike to tell of his climb of ZM with Josh, you may remember them from the last season when they flew up New Dawn and totally avoided the walk of shame... that's just naming a few of the good folks who happened by.. a very nice day here with a cooling breeze and good company and action to watch on ElCap. Doesn't get much better than this folks... be sure to come on by as we will be here until Sat. hanging out and charming some Cobras... So that's the way it is here at the ElCap bridge on Tues 4 Sept. 2007 here is wishing you guys all the best and hope to see you soon.
Later Tom Evans