El Cap Report 10/20/08

ElCap Report 10/20/08

By Tom Evans

Yo... Oh Man, another killer day here in the valley of adventure! More climbers are making the right decision and getting on the big stone. Nose is still practically empty with only one party above Sickle. Today's report is brought to you by Aaron (KFC) Jones who, as my partner today, dragged me up a couple of climbs at the Pile. Thanks Aaron for being a good friend and a great climbing partner. So, sell the house, divorce the spouse, click the mouse and come with me to the Cap on a great fall day to see all the action up close and personal.

El Cap Report 10/19/08

ElCap Report 10/19/08 By Tom Evans

 Yo... Man was it the best day of the season or what? Perfectamoondo pukes!! As a result the rock was nearly empty!! Does that make sense? It doesn't to me. Anyway the weather looks solid for the rest of the week so don't head for Josh, or Bishop, or Red Rocks. Stay here!!!!!!!

Today's report is brought to you by the ElCap Bear and her cub who swam across the river right in front of the bridge crew this morning!

El Cap Report 10/18/08

ElCap Report 10/18/08

by Tom Evans

Yo... It started out cloudy and a little threatening but it soon became apparent that the weather was going to hold just fine. In fact it was perfect for wall climbing. Unfortunately the cliff was pretty empty, as here in Yosemite, the very mention of rain sends the monkeys scurrying for their cages! So there isn't a lot to report on. Today's report is brought to you by Bob and Ryan, who are just down from their ascent of Zodiac and spent the day basking in the glory here at the bridge.

El Cap Report 10/17/08

ElCap Report 10/17/08

By Tom Evans

Yo... well it is nice here but a bit on the hazy side. The rock is pretty empty. I have some stuff to do so this will be short and to the point. Today's Report..

El Cap Report 10/16/08

Yo.. Another super duper day here. Perfect temps to climb in the Valley but maybe just a tad warm on the Great Stone. The fire to the west is still making shooting difficult but far from impossible. The Nose was pretty crowded today and the Salathe saw some action. The rest of the routes are just sitting there waiting for you to show up!! Today's report is brought to by YOU, the climbers who want to be here so badly but, for the most part, have other obligations. YOU are the reason for the Report I do each day. I want YOU to be inspired and motivated to get out here and get in some ElCap time. ElCap had sort of fallen into the back waters of climbing in recent years and I wanted to renew interest in it in the community at large. So I have tried to connect with YOU directly. YOU have responded and I hope YOU can get the full benefits that the ElCap experience can provide. So, sell the car, get a ticket to the Valley, fill the haul bags and get on the route of YOUR dreams. I promise YOU some killer shots that YOU will remember for a lifetime.

El Cap Report 10/15/08

ElCap Report 10/15/08 By Tom Evans

Yo... Another sweet day here! Perfect weather that is to continue for some time. The Nose is getting some workout as is Zodiac. So most of the shots you will see in this report will be from these routes. Unfortunately there is some kind of a controlled burn going on out to the west which is bringing in some smoke and making the skies a bit on the hazy side. Today's report is brought to you by the State of Montana, who's sons and daughters have brought you some good climbing on the big stone these past several days. So take in the slack, tie your pard off short, step out on the run-out lead because you are protected by destiny!!

El Cap Report 10/14/08

ElCap Report 10/14/08

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Whoa, what a beautiful day here in the Ditch. The temperature was perfect as witnessed by the teams on the wall wearing light shirts most of the day. There is room on any route you want to climb. The normally full ones are very empty at the moment. Today's report is brought to you by Narek, aka Regan, who made it down from the Shield just in time to have breakfast in the Cafe and leave for home two hours later! He says his big mistake was not listening to advice form us locals not to haul his kit up the Free blast! So he paid the price by losing 3 days on that god forsaken slab. You know, I get a headache from being right all the time and I sure wish people would just listen for a change. Right, Jay and Jeanette? So chill the drinks, break out the chips, lock the door and settle down pukes, because I am not going through this again. I am throwing it down right now...

El Cap Report 10/13/08

ElCap Report 10/13/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo.. Well now... yeah it was very nice here. Light winds, warm sunlight, comfortable conditions, even in the shade. The Wall is pretty empty so with this spell of good weather forecast, this might be the time to come on down!! The speed record is in the books and the photographers are heading out. Today's Report is brought to you by the personable and talented Eric Perlman who was here for the speed run on the Nose and will soon depart. I have always found him to be friendly and generous to a fault. Thanks Eric for being an important part of our climbing community.

El Cap Report 10/12/08

ElCap Report 10/12/08 By Tom Evans Yo... It was a nice day here until afternoon when the wind picked up and it seemed much colder. The morning was nice enough and with crowd in the meadow watching the Hans and Yuji show were quite comfortable. They started later in the day so had the sun on them for the entire ascent. I heard that Steve Roper was in the crowd but never actually saw him. Steve was one of the original speed climbing guys and I remember him stating that if you could just nail a pin a minute then you could do the Nose in a day.

El Cap Report 10/11/08

ElCap Report 10/11/08

By Tom Evans

El Cap Report 10/10/08

ElCap Report 10/10/08

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Well it started out nice but by noon the clouds had come in driven by a strong SW wind. The Cap got cold and all the contestants went into the puffy jacket and colorful windbreaker mode... nice for the shots!! But the cliff is pretty empty at the moment. Today's report is brought to you by the turnout in front of the SW face where I sat today and shot a few parties on the Salathe and worked on the mess in the van... nice place that is BTW devoid of Tourons. I was loving it!! Today's Report ......

El Cap Report 10/09/08

ElCap Report 10/09/08

By Tom Evans

Yo... A chilly day here with some light winds. The rock was fairly empty and the Bridge was fairly full. They are predicting possible rain soon but some sites say not.. typical! Today’s Report is brought to you by the Geologist Greg Stock who I met today for the first time. Nice guy! We are going to look at and photograph the rock fall origin area tomorrow if of course I can remember the appointment! Thanks for all you do for so many people and for your courage in being lowered down from mid-height on the Cap... many of us would have had a heart attack if we were in your place! Today's ElCap Report in your face right now......

El Cap Report 10/08/08

ElCap Report 10/08/08

By Tom Evans

Yo... Whoa what a busy day here in the Valley. Lots of things going on with all the EC stuff and the rock fall at Curry Village. The weather was great, the climbing was great, the human interest was great too... more below about all that stuff. Today's report is brought to you by Assistant Supt. Shackelton who showed up in the afternoon to check on the retrieval of one Dr. Rock (Greg Stock) from Mescalito. So flick that cig away, down the last of the cool one you have in your hand, lock the doors and bar the windows because it is quite a trip you are goin on with me to the steep sides of the greatest climbing rock in the USA. Today's Report....

El Cap Report 10/07/08

ElCap Report 10/07/08

By Tom Evans

Yo… Beautiful fall day here in the Valley. The two most popular climbs, the Nose and the Salathe are starting to get loaded up. There are several slow parties strung out on the Nose and the Salathe has a pile of climbers too, so if you are interested in the Cap then a word to the wise is to look around a little for another route besides the “big two”. Today’s report is brought to you by the guy who owns the beater white pickup truck that has been parked in “my spot” for the past several days… Thanks for nothing dude… no shots for you! Ha Ha… anyway here it is just for you … today’s ECR…

El Cap Report 10/06/08

ElCap Report 10/06/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo.. Really super nice today here at the bridge and in the valley. As a result the Big Stone was crawling with climbers. I am having some computer problems at the moment so I am not going to try to post pics with this report yet but will insert them at a later date. Today’s report is brought to you by Katie Brown and Alex Honnold who were seen cruising up to the start of the White Circle early in the afternoon. Thanks for the red shirt Alex!!! Today’s report follows right here….

El Cap Report 10/05/08

ElCap Report 10/05/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo… The storm has vanished as quickly at it came in and today was cool and sunny. The wall rats scurried up on the cliff with most of the action on the Nose. The wind was blowing pretty hard on all the exposed parts of the great cliff and most climbers were in jackets huddled at the belays. The air was clear and the photography excellent. The leaves are starting to turn on the North Side Drive and the air has the crispness of Fall now. The forecast is good way into the future so if you have any plans you had better put them into practice as the time has arrived to fish or cut bait. Today’s report is brought to you by Hans and Yuji who came by this afternoon on their way to do a tune up run up the Nose around 2pm. Imagine doing an afternoon ascent of the great climb! I did a many afternoons, and mornings ascent of the route myself!! So ditch the bags, trim the rack, start short fixing, and chalk up fast because we are going up on the Cap right now on Today’s ElCap Report… Zodiac: The team of two that had fixed to the top of three were back and headed upward today.

El Cap Report 10/04/08

ElCap Report 10/04/08

By Tom Evans

Yo! It dumped big time during the last 12 hours and all the teams left on the Captain have been accounted for and are in good shape thus far. I went down around 10:30 and looked through the thick clouds until I could find everyone I knew was up there. Kate and Pete were able to get off late and drudged down in the pouring rain.. Brenda says they were a pretty miserable looking duo when she picked them up at the Pile.

El Cap Report 10/03/08

ElCap Report 10/03/08

 By Tom Evans

Yo… Very cloudy and cool here today with higher winds this afternoon. Today was “bail day” on the Captain with the lower parties hitting the lines and the higher parties heading for the top. The forecast is for a pretty quick and powerful storm here tonight and out tomorrow night. The cautious have hit the deck by now and those not in position to do so are hunkering down. Ranger Jack Hoeflick stopped by the bridge to assess the situation and see what parties need to be watched with a sharp eye. By now all climbers should know to carry a cell phone or at least a two way radio to communicate with the ground and keep current on the changing weather. In Yosemite, wet weather can be a death sentence so the wise head down if close enough to do so. Jack, as you probably know, is a very knowledgeable climber and an expert in rescue techniques on the YOSAR team. He has participated in numerous life saving rescues at great personal risk. For his efforts to help climbers in distress, today’s ElCap Report is brought to you by Jack Hoeflick… thanks Jack!!! So turn off the damn TV, close the door, take a deep hit and settle in because you are coming with me to the face of El Capitan to watch the climbers deal with possible adversity…. Today’s ElCap Report is right now…

El Cap Report 10/02/08

ElCap Report  10/02/08
By Tom Evans

Yo… very nice day here in the valley but it did rain during the night, mostly sprinkles.  Lots of clouds that kept the Great Wall cool for the teams who are by now a little tired of the heat of recent weeks.  BTW I have been misspelling Yuji by using a g instead of the j.  So if you see that mistake somewhere in the reports let me know.  Of course I misspell everyone’s name on the report!!  Today’s report is brought to you by Leo Burke, who was my climbing partner at the Pile this afternoon and dragged me up kicking and screaming… Oh the humanity!!
So settle in and get comfy because here it comes to you… Today’s ECR..

El Cap Report 10/01/08

ElCap Report 10/01/08

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Nice day here with a strong west wind blowing up the valley. The climbers on the wall looked pretty warm but I hear that a change in the weather is in the wind. Lots of parties on the wall today. Without further adieu here is today’s ElCap Report brought to you by the two teams who bailed from Dolt Tower today. So gag the rest of the family, put the pets in the basement, settle in with a Cobra, and read the latest dope headed your way from ECP’s….

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