ElCap Report 9/28/16

ElCap Report 9/28/2016

By Tom Evans

Yo… Well it has been pretty warm these past few days and we are looking forward to some better conditions.  The old Cap is filling up.  Not much action on the Nose, but a lot on Salathe/Freerider.  Plus routes we don’t see a lot of are getting done too.  Let’s get to it!!

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Shortest Straw.. Bart finished up the route on Zodiac this morning.  Here he is on the slab pitch.





























2)  Lower on Zodiac, Libby Sauter and friend Paul, started the route this morning.  Here is a shot of them at the belay on #2.



























Tangerine Trip:  A two man team is moving right along on this popular route.  We see a lot of the Trip so no shots in the report today.


3)  Sean Warren took a rest day on Native Son today.





























4)  The Heartland crew is moving rapidly upward over some spectacular but scary looking rock. Here they are with the junk show all together at one belay while Chris leads above.






























5)  SSPO:  Robbie and Steven finished up this morning.





























6)  On the PO this Israeli team is putting on a clinic!  Eli is climbing like I have never seen him do before.  Ido, with no ElCap experience, is cleaning and hauling like a veteran.  Eli is leading all the pitches and is cruising right along.  Here they are starting the Bearing Straits.





























7)  Later in the day I got this shot as the shade was coming on.






























8)  The Nose is not busy but soon will be I am sure.  Here is a show moving crew in the Legs this morning.






























The Shield has two parties on it barely a pitch apart.

9)  The lower team is seen here on the notorious “Groove Pitch”.






























10)  The team above is seen on the Triple Cracks.






























11)  Later in the day I got this shot of the upper crew as they neared the Canoe.  Due to the configuration of the rock the famous feature is not visible from the route.




























12)  Later in the day the wind came up as seen here in this shot of the lower crew.





























13)  Salathe/Freerider… lots of teams are jamming the lower regions of this popular route. Here a team rests below the Alcove later in the afternoon.





























Excalibur:  Jordan, Adam and Bill are on the route.  I got some shots of them today but the angle was not so good.  Go Team!


In other news:  A big Hans Florine event is happening this weekend.  Stay tuned for all the news about it.

So that’s the way it is, on this Wednesday, the 28th day of September, 2016.

Capt. Tom… some ElCap, some Adidas.