ElCap Report 9/23/16

ElCap Report 9/23/2016

By Tom Evans

Yo.. We had a beautiful day with comfortable temperatures and little wind.  The SE Face is getting most of the attention these days but I have heard that several teams will be setting off on the SW Face tomorrow.  We are now in prime season with great weather forecast for the next week or so. 

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  The solo climber, Alex Vaught, on Zodiac climbed into the circle this morning and was finishing the center pitch as I left this afternoon.  Here he is just in the circle this morning.






























2)  Next door on the Straw, Bart Bledsoe is moving right along.  This shot is of him on the Journey Through the Brain pitch.





























3)  Over on the Trip the 3 person team climbed into the center of the route late this morning.





























4)  Sean Warren made short work of the Coral Sea pitch this morning.  Here is the view I had of the pitch.





























5)  Dustin Moore hoofed up to the base of Zodiac and beyond to get this shot of Sean from the side.





























Heartland saw the lads moving up hauling kit.  I didn’t get any good shots of them today.


6)  Over on the Pacific Ocean, Eli Nissan and Ido Gayer fixed to the top of the third this afternoon.






























7)  Steven Tata is seen here leading the 4th pitch on SSPO this morning.





























8)  Dustin got this shot of the team of Robby and Steven.






























9)  Later in the day Steven had just about finished the pitch when I departed.





























10)  On the Nose, the “Dark Team” did the KS and were headed to Camp 4 when I departed.




























11)  Dustin got this shot from way off over by Zodiac.





























12)  Lower down on the Nose … my worst nightmare appeared… ninja boys, Myles Wittman and Pancho Gomez. Who dresses these people?!!






























13)  ElCap meadow with clouds this afternoon.






























In other news:  I am soon to be shooting with Adidas and the report will not be my main priority, but I will try to get shots and write something down each day.  Stay tuned.

So that’s the way it is, on this Friday, the 23rd of September, 2016.

Capt Tom… Friday night!