ElCap Report 9/18 and 19 /2016

ElCap Report 9/18 and 19/ 2016

By Tom Evans

Yo… Not much action on ElCap these past two days.  You guessed it… the weather has been hot, hot, and hotter.  Only the Nose and Salathe have seen much action but like I said a couple of days ago… things are about to happen on a larger scale.  Starting this coming Saturday I will be shooting for Adidas Outdoor for the next two weeks so the reports may be combinations of days like today’s is.  The Face Lift starts today and the place is packed with attendees.  The traffic patterns are much changed too so please pay attention when you are driving.

1)  Tangerine Trip:  I spotted this Asian team at the top of the 2nd pitch this afternoon.  Fixing most likely.





























Nose:  The Nose has been pretty busy these past two days but we see a lot of the Nose so I am not going to post a ton of those shots… here are some random ones from the past two days.

2)  Hauling and cleaning on Boot Flake.





3)  Lowering the kit across to the belay after the King Swing.






























4)  Second lowering off the Boot yesterday.



























5)  A random climber stand on the “Death Block” while leading the pitch to the start of the Gray Bands traverse.





























Salathe:  While not nearly as busy as the Nose this route is still getting some traffic on these hot days.

6)  Almost finished with the notorious Hollow Flake on the Salathe.






























7)  Climber on the pitch above the Ear.






























8)  Jugging to the Block, high on the Salathe Wall route.






























9)  Setting the belay at the start of the Headwall on the Salathe.






























In other news:  I have just read that the legendary Kim Schmitz has died.  I knew him back in the 60's and 70's and can tell you that we have lost a great man who was an inspiration to us all. 

So that’s the way it is for this Monday, the 19th day of September, 2016.

Capt. Tom… at the helm in the ElCap Meadow.