ElCap Report 9/17/12

ElCap Report 9/17/12

By Tom Evans

Yo… another sweet day here, clear and not so hot. Interest in the Cap is picking up as it seems more teams are moving toward the rock.

There isn’t much to report, so this one will have to be shorter than I would like. I will make up for it in future reports!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you … unique in all the world!

Zodiac: Well Stevie G and the boys didn’t make it off last evening, opting instead for the classic Peanut Ledge bivy. They were off by mid day.

1)  Stevie G and that damned white shirt are seen here leading the last pitch.




























2)  The crew finishing up by hauling kit to the top and cleaning the last pitch.






























Lower down the “green team” of two climbed from the Black Tower to the top of the Nipple this afternoon, much to the delight of the Tourons who watched with interest and marveled at the 150ft breast, that includes the Nipple.

3)  Green team leader climbing into the Great White Circle this morning.




























4)  Leading the Nipple pitch on a very nice early Fall day here in Yosemite.



























5)  Finishing the Nipple, shot from out west.




























Lower down yet the team of Ian and Aaron climbed the first two pitches today.... fixing I assume.


6)  Trip/ElCap Tree: I did see a team climbing to the ElCap Tree this afternoon for a nice casual day climb.




























I also spotted a couple guys fixing on the first two of the Trip.

ND to Genesis: I haven’t spotted this team as they are still below the tree level.

Nose: The Nose had several parties fixing to Sickle today and a some just out for practice. I did spot a team making a Dolt run this afternoon. Other than those climbers, the route is empty.  The three person team hauling kit yesterday were seen headed to Grey Ledges this afternoon.

Shield: YOSAR’s own, Neils Tietze was seen leading the Roof pitch this afternoon. He plans on a speedy ascent, so much so that he didn’t even bring a portaledge! Did I mention he is soloing the route? Yes he is!!

7)  Neils climbing over the roof this afternoon.




























Albatross: Neil Chelton and partner Joe Schultz marched off to blast on the route this afternoon. Should be pretty for this crew and make for some good shots for us to see too!

In other news: Many Tourons present today and all were quite impressed with the climbers on ElCap today and eagerly waited to see them close up in the scopes. They also commented on how great it is to have the Ask-a-climber program here to teach them what the real deal is with big wall climbing. Makes my day at the Bridge a lot more fun when the visitors are so enthusiastic!

So that’s the way it is, for this Monday, the 17th day of September, 2012.

I’m outa here!

Ansel Evans





Another great report

Thanks for keeping us cube pukes up to date on what is going on there!


So glad to have the report back!