ElCap Report 9/16/16

ElCap Report 9/16/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Spectacular weather has set in now and the big trades are getting a workout.  I had a nice drive up yesterday and found the smoke gone from the Valley and the traffic pattern considerably changed and that is a good thing!  So pay attention when you are visiting the park.  Camp 4 is pretty full most of the time and the annual Face Lift is coming up in a few days, so plan accordingly.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

Zodiac:  Robbie Brown and Leah Papajohn are on the route. I saw them fixing some yesterday afternoon and picked them up this morning as Leah lead the pitch into the Circle.

1)  Robbie cleaning gear while Leah is moving kit up, into the Circle.




























2)  Leah also lead the Flying Buttress pitch, as seen here this morning.





























3)  Later Leah lead the Nipple pitch in mid-afternoon.  I guess Robbie was feeling a little scared!  Anyway, Leah crushed it all day!





























Higher up Joe and Holland climbed off the route late this afternoon and had a couple of friends with food and beer waiting on top to help carry kit down… now those are some REAL friends!

4)  Joe leading and Holland belaying on the first slab pitch this afternoon.


























Tangerine Trip:  A team of two, Nick and Tyler, topped out later in the afternoon. Below them, a team of 4, Paul, Eric, Dustin, and Robert, moved smoothly along on the route with two guys leading and cleaning and the others managing kit. 

5)  The cleaner,Paul, departing the belay to clean the slab pitch this morning.






























6)  The climbing team, with Paul leading, is seen here departing the slab pitch belay while the guys below dealt with the kit.





























7)  Lead team and one of the haulers motoring along higher on the route.




























8) Over on New Jersey Turnpike Ben Maxfield and partner John, messed around on the lower parts this afternoon.  Ben has a flight out of here soon so I don’t think he will be involved further.  They were fixing for the second ascent of Heartland, to start in a few days with Pete, John and Chris.



























The Nose was pretty busy but spread out enough so that no team was crowded.  Some teams topped out and others started, while the ones in the middle just moved up.

9)  Free climbing in the Stovelegs.






























10)  Higher up, these guys climbed onto Dolt Tower.





























11)  Later they climbed above Dolt.





























12)  I spotted this guy after his team did the King Swing.  Here he is traversing a little low on the pitch into the Gray Bands.  Notice the bolt and sling above him… that is the normal traverse point… but he did just fine anyway!





























13)  Great Roof later in the afternoon.




























14)  I saw this Salathe Team on the Headwall later in the day.  Kelly Fields is leading here with partner Roddy belaying below.




























I did notice Cody Sims working high on the Muir… I think he was removing ropes.


In other news:  There is a lot of room for your party on ElCap… so come on out and get the good stuff done while the weather is great.  Ok guys… Donate please.. as you know it is expensive to hang here and shoot/Report for your pleasure.  If you haven’t donated, but are a steady reader, then consider helping out a little so I can keep this thing on the rails. 

So that’s the way it is, for this Friday, the 16th day of September, 2016.

Capt. Tom… back for duty! 

Great to have the report and Capt. Tom back! :)

Weather looks nice.

glad to have the report back!

Great to see that your back in the valley for the fall. Wish I could make it but the damn job always gets in the way. Thanks again for the pictures of the shield from June. I donated too!