ElCap Report 6/8/16

ElCap Report 6/8/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Continued good weather is driving the season onward.  We had a nice set of clouds come through and keep the wall cool for most of the day.  The Big Three were sparsely populated but the bottom of the King is seeing some action.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

1) The sky over ElCap was pretty nice this morning.



























2) Zodiac: Maria Parkes hauled her kit to the third and later lead off on the fourth while I was there. 




























Lower down, the team of Kristen and Nick fixed to the top of three.


3)  Over on the Trip the TER Korean team of four is killing it!  They are using a 4 person system that keeps a leader out all the time.  Here three of the team are hauling kit while the leader is out of view.






























4)  Here the TER team is starting the 10th pitch.





























5)  Neil Chelton seems to have found the key to the bottom of Gulf Stream and is seen here on some interesting looking rock.






























6)  Over on the NA Wall Dustin Moore and Mark Richie are on cruise control after fixing one off Big Sur yesterday seen here in the Black Dihedral…spending the night in the famous "Black Cave" bivy!






























7)  Lower down Sam and Rhett climbed to Big Sur this afternoon.  Here they are rearranging kit on the ledge as the sun leaves.





























8)  Over on the Nose the action was mostly low on the route.  I did see these guys trying to get off the top of Sickle Ledge…  I have no idea of what they are doing in the shot!!





























9)  Someone spent the night on Dolt but didn’t leave today.  One team made it to Dolt and hung out while I was there.  Here is an afternoon shot of Dolt Tower.





























10)  Scott Bennett and crew climbed to the Crossroads yesterday and later made it to camp 4 and beyond before I departed.  Here they are on the nice ledge 75 ft below camp 4 where they bivied.






























11)  One of the several teams who made Gray Ledges yesterday evening made the turn at the Crossroads and went to the Muir!  Yeah… we like to shoot the Muir!





























12)  Over on Salathe/Freerider, this team of three climbed the Hollow Flake and a bit higher while I was there… I didn’t see any bags.  Here one of the climbers is looking down at the free variation which he easily climbed later on.





























13)  Higher on the route, this team of three, Gabriel, Simon, and Vince, top-ropped the crux section on Freerider.





























14)  Out west on Octopussy, John continues to make progress.  I heard he had some problems with a core shot and most likely tied off the bad spot and continued.






























15)  In Suk, Han is the manager of the TER party on the Trip.  Here he is greeting Michelle Sass’s dog, Peanut, who is outfitted with a protective harness so he will not be eaten by wild creatures here in Yosemite!






























In other news:  We await the cooler weather that is in the forecast for the next several days.

So that’s the way it is, on this Wednesday, the 8th day of June, 2016.

El Tom.. here just for you!