ElCap Report 6/7/2015

ElCap Report 6/7/15

By Tom Evans

Yo.. It was another beautiful day and without the rain in the afternoon…nice!  The Nose had a NIAD team on it, Jacob Lantham and Nick Ehman, who were in the Gray Bands when I finished shooting. There was little wind today and it was hot up on the cliff.  The weather forecast is a bit uncertain these days but climbers are going up anyway.  The Nose and Salathe are quite empty at the moment and the rush will soon be on, so the sooner you get on those climbs the better chance you will have for less crowding and thus success.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!


The drive in from the Ranch has been delightful for the past several days as the morning mists and strong sunlight made for some nice shots.



























2)  Bad to the Bone:  Erik and Kate have pretty much knocked the harder parts of the route off by now.  Here is EE on the last corner pitch.





























3)  Higher he set a very well organized belay near the A-1 Beauty.  They could be off tomorrow.





























4)  Zodiac:  A four person team of, Team Extreme Riders, have established themselves on the first few of the route.  Here the two lead climbers on that team are sorting gear at the start of the third pitch.






























5)  The sole woman climber on the team got the call for the 3rd pitch and did a good, though a bit timely, job on the pitch.  Welcome to ElCap!






























6)  Higher on the route Alejandro climbed the pitch after the MOZ and had a nice whipper above the Devil’s Brow.  Here he is airborne on that fall.  I think he may make Peanut Ledge later this evening.





























A solo Korean, not TER, fixed the first on ZM this morning.

On the Trip a couple more teams are jockeying for position on the lower pitches.

A team of two is also headed for Aurora.

7)  Tangerine Trip:  The leading UK team climbed and hauled the highest center pitch when I arrived.  Hauling kit, Tangerine Trip.






























8)  Later in the afternoon I spotted the UK team heading for the top after climbing the last bolt ladder.





























The Colorado men climbed the lower center pitches and seem to be doing well, on the Trip.


9)  NA Wall:  The Climbing Jr. Ranger Team, with help from YOSAR regular, Bud Miller, fixed 4 pitches a couple days ago and blasted this morning.  Eric Bissel, Cameron King, and Bud Miller are pretty much invisible, as they are required to wear NPS clothing, which is about 50 years behind the times.  Here Bud and Eric are waiting for Cameron to finish the “interesting” 5.8 chimney on the 5th pitch.  See what I mean about the clothing…not good…not good at all.





























10)  Out on SSPO, Aaron and Brent spent the night atop the Island in the Sky and were headed higher when I arrived to shoot.  Here is a shot from later in the afternoon as they are headed above the Black Tower.






























Mason and Brad’s project on the left side of the Heart has heated up into a full scale attempt at the send with a couple of camera men along to shoot the event.  Today they hauled kit for 4 people to stay 7 days on the wall, starting Wednesday, I think.

11)  Out west on the Dihedral Wall the NAZ boys were not much higher than when I last saw them yesterday… I figured they had stayed put in the storm yesterday as they couldn’t afford to go much higher as that would have put them in the wet zone.  Here they are passing an impressive overhang on the 18th pitch this afternoon.




























In other news:  Not much other news….

So that’s the way it is, for this Sunday, the 7th day of June, 2015.

Capt. Tom… still reporting …just for you.

El Cap Report 6-7-15

Thanks again for the news and the site ! Glad to have you covering the the news on the climbers. We were able to find out the progress of Jacob Latham and Nick Ehman. P.S. Nice GTO !!

Awesome job!

Hi Tom... Just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do! My boyfriend (you may know him as Lambone?) is headed up (eek!) today...and it's great (and reassuring) to see pics :)

Hope to meet you someday!

Have a beautiful day,


Shot of the Day is stellar!

Hey Tom,

Hope you're having a fun spring season in the valley. Lots of action on the Captain these days and your pics and stories do a great job covering it all.


6/7/2015 Report


I just thought to check your website, as I had read the article about you in Climbing. Thanks for the report, and the mention of Nick and Jake's progress on their NIAD adventure! I would love to get copies of any pictures that you might have of them. I will poke around your website and see if you state the protocol for doing that.

Jeff Ehman