By Tom Evans

Yo... It turns out I was given permission to do the report, when I shouldn't have been, and proceeded.  That caused a big problem for the production team which is the last thing I wanted to do.  So I am taking down this report.  Obviuosly I am very sorry for having to do this but have no choice.  Maybe, after the movie comes out, I will again be able to post this report on my blog again.  Thanks to the over 350,000 readers who have read and enjoyed this particular Report and are stoked to see the movie because of having seen the Report.  Best wishes to my good friend Alex Honnold and I continue to wish him, all the crew and the movie the best of success.  Unfortunately, higher ups at the production team keep sending me harassing emails, threatening me with legal action.  These people have been dishonest with me and seem to take some pleasure in having tricked me into signing a release under fradulant circumstances.  I have decided not to let them use any of my photos for any reason.  Thus, this historic report will not be posted until I am legally finished with these disreputable people.  It has been a very sad experience for me as I am an old school guy who has always trusted people to do the right thing... no more!  Now they tell me that I have no right to my own photos and I must get permission from them to use any of my Honnold shots.  So I have responded to them in the appropriate manner.  Maybe, someday, the "Lost Report" will be seen again.

Capt. Tom... :(


Alex free-solo

Tom - Fantastic photos - great report - thanks for documenting history in the making.

Great pics and commentary.

Great pics and commentary. thanks for giving us a glimpse into the actual climb. Shared!

Thanks Tom!

Awesome to have this great report and photos so soon after this historical event.

Alex' solo

Thanks for the wonderful photos and commentary, Tom!
Steve W.

Tom, Your photos and comments

Your photos and comments say more about the ascent that many articles I read.
Thanks, bro