ElCap Report 6/24/16

ElCap Report 6/24/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Warm weather seems to have flushed a lot of climbers off the Cap these days.  As a result, tomorrow will see only one party on ElCap.  Not good for what I do!!  So this will be the season’s last report unless something big happens in the next few days.  I will still shoot some so you can contact me to get the shots.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

1)  On the Trip Paul and Suzanne climbed the center of the route today and were at the start of the second bolt ladder when I left around 2:30 this afternoon.  Here Paul is leading the first pitch of the day.





























2)  While Paul was leading in the above shot, Suzanne was tending the belay.





























3)  Here Paul is working his way up the first bolt ladder this afternoon.  Off by dark I think!  Actually they got off early next day.
































4)  I spotted Wess Napier and Andrew Magnussen fighting with the bags on the last pitch of the NA Wall early this afternoon… the bags were winning from what I could see.  Nice climbing guys!






























5)  Over on the Nose a NIAD team pitched out the leads today and made decent time.  Here they are on the Pancake Flake this afternoon.  It may be Peter and Scott Cutler who have emailed me that they were coming out for a NIAD.  I’m not sure as those guys are kinda stealthy and don’t normally wear orange!





























6)  Stevie G and Young Strong Dave arrived today to do Son of Heart.  I had a nice chat with the men and later watched them march off to the Cap sporting  big bags!  Here they are sorting gear.






























7)  DGriff on the march!





























8)  A cool, remodeled WWII B-25 flew over the Valley today… guess it may a fire fighting plane.  One of the best medium bombers of the war!






























In other news:  I will be leaving very soon and wanted to mention the unbelievable season Brad Gobright had this spring!  He managed 13 ElCap climbs.  He also did a “Double” and a “Triple” on ElCap!  Steve Gerberding said he would like to meet Brad, as his season was one of the best he has heard of!  Hell yeah Brad!!!

I wish all of you loyal readers, and supporters of the Report, a very productive summer and hope to see you again in the Fall when the traffic dries up and the great quiet settles upon the Valley.  For me Fall is the best season in Yosemite, and I look forward to it.  Thanks to all who have helped make the Report possible for all these years.  I hope my efforts have met your expectations.  Contact me to get the shots I took of you this season.

So that’s the way it is, for this Friday, the 24th day of June, 2016.


Capt. Tom… packing up the van and getting ready to go back into the world!

Thanks for the reports this season!

Hey Tom,
Totally enjoyed another season of the happenings on the captain. Thanks for keeping us "pukes" up-to-date. The pics and stories were great as usual. Have a good summer and I look forward to seeing the reports again in the fall.

Doug (of the Ottawa variety)

Office Puke

Tom, your reports keep me going in the office and keep me stoked to get outside every morning when I get into work. Thanks for all of the effort!

Thanks for reporting - from Mom of "Tennessee boy"

Hi Tom,

I really appreciate your reports and pics - watching over my son and others there on the wall. I can't imagine the focus, stamina, and strength it takes to climb! Andrew's adventures have stirred my heart to plan a visit there to Yosemite to camp and hike. I'm a proud mom and I fully appreciate your writing and perspective. I wonder how many other moms are reading up on what you write about their sons and daughters.

Keep up the great work!


Judy Herman, (Mom of Andrew Magnussen)

Plaid Big Applause

Great job on the reports Tom. See ya in the Fall. Thx for keeping stoke alive!


Thanks for the spring

Thanks for the spring coverage, Tom. This cubicle puke is gearing up for a first go this fall. Enjoy the rest of summer.