ElCap Report 6/2/16

ElCap Report 6/2/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… The beautiful, but warm, days have arrived.  Too hot really but if nothing else climbers are persistent and don’t let a little heat hold them back.  The traffic in the Valley is already back to weekend levels with few places to park.. so plan accordingly.  Bikes and the shuttle buses are the only way to get around after noon, from Friday to Monday.  Interesting climbing going on up on the hill.  Stay tuned for all the latest breaking news.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

ZM:  Sean Warren must be getting a little tired of wall life by now and is leading most of the day…no more mornings in the sack!

1) Sean’s bivy before the sun got to it.





























2)  Here Sean has returned to the start of the first pitch of the day, has released the bags and started cleaning.




























3)  The Trip team is moving along well and were working the center of the route while I was there.




























4)  Over on the Muir I spotted Kitty and Elaina at the Crossroads, cleaning and moving kit up.





























5)  The Nose is getting some attention low on the route.  Not much wind evident in the Legs so it must have been pretty uncomfortable to be in the sun most of the day.


























6)  I noticed a solo woman in the Legs this morning and got a shot of her climbing off Dolt Tower this afternoon.  Going for the record?? Mmmmm Maybe.  Who is that woman? Josie,  Amanda? Shayna?? Anyone know?  Green helmet…






























7)  Here the solo woman is climbing off ElCap Tower… she is faster than any of the teams below her!!  Sweet!






























8)  Over on El Corazon, I spotting Mike and Greg Kerzhner starting the chimney pitches this afternoon.  These brothers make a strong team.



























9)  I did see some “drop-ins” working the traverse under the roof on Freerider.





























10)  Lower on Freerider, Katie Lambert Ditto and Alix Morris are working on freeing the route, and are prepared to spend several days on the effort.  Here Katie whips off the reach to the Monster Crack.





























11)  Alix looked strong in the Monster Crack this morning as the light came on.






























12)  Dihedral:  I did see Adam and Zac when I was out west for a half hour or so this afternoon.  They were climbing above the triangular roof atop the 5th pitch.  It looked smoking hot out there around 3pm when this shot was taken.






























13)  John Selove is looking good over on Octopussy.  Here he is this afternoon returning to his kit and getting ready to clean and leave the belay.





























14)  A little further out west I saw Kate Robertson putting in a couple more pitches even though she reports being a little ill from some bad food.  Later in the afternoon I saw her deep in a chimney.  The perfect escape from the afternoon heat.






























15)  A good sized crew came and went from the meadow all day.  This is the morning shift!  Tom and dad, Tom Herbert, Roger,?, Mike, Craig (just down from Zodiac solo), Stanley, Mason, and Tony (hiding behind the camera).  Later Daniel and his crew, just off the LT, brought Cobras and two large pizzas for everyone.  Hell yeah!!



























In other news:  Not much other stuff to report about except the traffic and heat, and I already went over that.

So that’s the way it is, for this Thursday, the 2nd day of June, 2016.

Capt. Tom… in charge… in the meadow…