ElCap Report 6/21/16

ElCap Report 6/21/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Warmer weather has set in now and it seems that a lot of climbers have headed up to the Meadows for the rest of the season.  We still have some diehard big wall climbers here and things are still being done.  The forecast is for higher temperatures later in the week.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

1) There was no action east of Gulf Stream.  Neil is getting close to the top and could be off late today.  Here we see him hauling kit, on the last of the difficult pitches, this afternoon.






























2)  The NA Wall team of Wess and Andrew, from Tennessee, are moving along well.  Here they are on the second pitch of the day, the first of two pitches leading to Big Sur Ledge.






























3)  Later in the afternoon they reached Big Sur and I assume they moved on, as that was at 2pm.






























4)  On the Nose the NIAD/Half Dome link up team of Alix Morris and Brandon Adams climbed the Nose portion in good style and speed.  Here Alix is leading off Dolt Tower while Brandon belays.






























5)  Later in the morning they passed the King Swing, as you see Alix doing here.  She is in perfect position with her feet on the rough rock and not the ultra-smooth tan band.






























6)  In another good move, Alix took Brandon’s end of the rope along when she did the KS, while he tied into the rope some 50ft from that end.  Thus he was able to yard across the swing to her, and avoid doing the swing himself, saving time and energy.  Many parties lose time here as the swing is difficult with a pack and that ends up leading to a rope being thrown from the belayer to the swinger... often a difficult toss.






























7)  Brandon took the lead at the Great Roof and climbed his half of the route efficiently.  Here Alix is cleaning Pancake Flake.  I last saw them headed to camp 6 around 3pm.






























8)  Lower down at team of two climbed into the Legs via the original pendulum pitch.






























9)  Out on the Salathe, a French team climbed above the Spire this morning and I got this shot this evening, about 7:30, of them on the Headwall.






























10)  As you have read I am staying at the “Ranch” in Foresta.  Every evening, on the way there, I drive past this viewpoint and finally stopped to take a shot.






























Olden times shots for your pleasure!

11)  Art Williams and I at camp in May of 1970.































12)  Me at the top of the Leaning Tower in 1971, on a very hot afternoon!






























13)  George Homer and I on top of Half Dome, May 1970.





















14)  Bridwell’s right hand and his oft present Camel, 1997.






























15)  I stopped and got this shot of the LT and Bridalveil Falls this evening as I drove home.





























So that’s the way it is, on this Tuesday, the 21St day of June, 2016.

Capt. Tom