ElCap Report 6/17/16

ElCap Report 6/17/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Cool and sunny continues to dominate the climbing scene here in the Valley.  Where the hell are all you Cubicle Pukes?  Throw off your shackles and come on out to the valley of your dreams… now or never!!  Not a ton of action on the Cap today but some good stuff is going on.

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

1) Zodiac:  My Korean friend, Ko, did the Nipple pitch during the time I was shooting. Here he took a fall off the pitch and swung around pretty violently but was unhurt.































2)  Later he came down and cleaned the pitch…pretty steep stuff!






























3)  Lower down the team of John and Brian swept up the route on a ZIAD.  They passed Ko around 3pm.






























4)  Over on the Trip, Irish Paul climbed to the base of the bolt ladders this afternoon.  Here he is as the sun came on him.





























5)  Lower down on the Trip Kenny and Dylan climbed the rest of the Virginia portion of the route.  Here they are on the last pitch of that section.






























The Nose had just one team, that I could see, and they topped out in the early afternoon.

There were a couple of guys working on moving freight on Golden Gate…I didn’t see them climbing any.


6)  On the Shield Dan and Clay are moving right along… maybe Chicken Head ledge is they push hard. Here Dan is leading with the Canoe on the upper left.






























7)  Over on the Salathe, Skyler and Aaron are making a run at a SIAD and made good time all day.  Here they are on the pitch above the Ear.






























8)  There was a fire down by the Wood Lot that got out of control this afternoon.  Several fire trucks showed up and even old 551 came in to dump some river water on the blaze.






























9)  The fire scene.






























10)  All of the action didn’t seem to bother Joe Marlay who seemed to be quite fond of Jojo.



























So that’s the way it is, for this Friday, the 17th of June, 2016.