ElCap Report 6/16/16

ElCap Report 6/16/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Crystal clear air, temperatures in the low 70’s, and a stout wind from the west, made for a perfect climbing day, assuming one likes to wear puffies all day!  Brad Gobright and Scott Bennett did a Triple on ElCap today.  They started around 2pm yesterday and did Zodiac in 5 hours and then they went to the Nose and were done with that by dawn. Then they went to Lurking Fear and did that, well within the 24 hour limit. They did a time of 23:10!  Great stuff guys!! Remember that the POTUS arrives tomorrow so all bets are off on me getting to the internet for the next two or three days.  I will try!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

1) Maria bivied on Peanut Ledge and had the pitch above well in hand when I arrived at 9am to photograph her.  Here she is turning the small roof to the belay on that pitch.






























2)  Later in the day, I saw her on the next to last pitch. Here she is cleaning the pitch off Peanut.  I would guess she will be off later this evening.  Yeah Maria!!!






























3)  Lower down, my friend, Ko, climbed into the Circle, while I was shooting.  Here he is on the easy climbing to the Circle.



























4)  After a small delay, he was soon in the white rock of the Great White Circle.






























5)  High on the Trip, I spotted Irish Paul breaking down his bivy and he was soon on his way.































6)  Lower down, Kenny and Dylan were spotted on the VA portion of the Trip.  It was cold and windy all over the Cap today.






























7)  On Gulf Stream, Neil is moving along nicely.  Here he is at his bivy this morning… Flags are big on the Cap these days!





























8)  Over on the Nose, a few teams were in evidence.  This is a three-person team with no bags, only packs.  They are not so swift but kept plugging along.  They are either on a push, or maybe a one bivy ascent.






























9)  I last spotted the above team at Texas Flake around 3pm.






























Higher up on the Nose the “worst dressed team of the season” topped out early this afternoon.  Another team climbed from Camp 4 to 5 while I was there.

Lower down, a team attempted to gain the Legs and soon bailed.


10)  Dan and Clay, are now on the route.  Here Dan is leading the Roof pitch this morning.





























11)  They soon were at the belay above the Roof and then Dan lead the long pitch to the base of the Groove.



























Freerider:  I did see a couple of guys climb and fix the Hollow Flake this morning.


12)  The small meadow crew is seen in this shot, taken early this afternoon.  Preston, Stu, and Matt hung with me all the time I was shooting. 





























In other news:  I reached the venerable age of 72 today.  It is also Brad Gobright’s birthday!  He is like…maybe…24.

So that’s the way it is, on this Thursday, the 16th day of June, 2016.

Capt. Tom…I hope a little older and wiser today.