ElCap Report 6/15/2015

ElCap Report 6/15/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… Conditions couldn’t be better for climbing here in the Ditch.  Clear blue skies, warm temperatures, and a nice breeze are sure to please…but you need to get here, as there are fewer and fewer climbers on the wall each day.  Replacements are in high demand…come on out and get a free beer at the Bridge!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Zodiac:  The Korean Alpine Club’s team of 5 climbers, are slowly making their way up the route.  Here the leader is making a common mistake, we see quite a bit.  The route actually goes up the crack in the light rock above him but he has been lured lower by the bolts on Straw, which comes real close to Zodiac there.





























2)  Here the leader has just climbed into the White Circle.  Later in the day we got word that they had dropped a bag with 6 gallons of water in it!!  They contacted Team Extreme for help and the TER guys are going up to the base with the needed water.  I think the KAC guys have enough rope to reach the ground so they can just haul the water up to the top of the 7th pitch.





























3)  Tangerine Trip:  The two person mixed team of TER climbers topped out early this afternoon.





























4)  Lower down the solo, Matt Stanich, is seen here finishing the first lead of the day.  He was on the bolt ladders when I left and could be off later today or in the morning.





























5)  The Sea:  Andy moved up a couple more pitches today.  Here he is on the 5th pitch.  He is moving along and looks to be having no difficulties thus far.  Big Andy!!!





6)  Real Nose:  The team started moving kit up today, from their long standing camp at the top of the 6th pitch.






























7)  The Nose still has a few parties up high on the route.  I saw these guys at Camp 5 this morning.  Not quite sure what they are doing here but they moved right along, out of camp.






























8)  I shot this team this afternoon, from out west, when they lead off Camp 5.






























9)  Higher on the Nose, I spotted this team on the pitch to the Alcove.






























10)  3D?  Shield?... I spotted this big team at the start of the Muir section of the 3D but when I went out west I saw no one there.  Perhaps they left their kit and went down, to return later.





























11)  Early this morning I saw Ken and Hunter moving up on Pace Maker.  Here, Ken has the lead while Hunter looks on.






























12)  Later in the day they reached the top of the Tower of the People and were on the Vertical Desert pitch when I shot this one.  Kenny is leading… and so fashionably dressed too!!  You Go Ken!!






























I saw some action from Brad and Mason but couldn’t tell if they were sending or not.

So that’s the way it is, for this Monday, the 15th day of June, 2015.

Later, Capt. Tom

Awesome - thanks Tom. Another

Awesome - thanks Tom. Another great season for you. !!