ElCap Report 6/13/17

ElCap Report 6/13/17

By Tom Evans

Yo… Strange weather has dominated the last week or so. Storms and cold have kept the Captain pretty empty, but a change in the weather is in progress and teams are heading back up on the great rock.  The hoopla has died down about the free solo of Freerider by Alex Honnold and he is off to Alaska for some serious mountaineering.

This week’s ElCap Report .. written just for you..unique in all the world.

1)  During one of the storms I noticed that one team was going up and that was Tim Kelly and Lauren Flood on the Nose. Here they are heading to Dolt Hole from the top of the Sickle.





























2)  This shot was taken from Foresta early on the morning after a night of cold, rain, and snow.




























3)  Another team made a run for the top on Freerider during a break in the storm.






























4)  Alex Honnold on top of ElCap during the post climb clean up.



























5)  In what turns out to be another first on ElCap, Leah Pappajohn and Jonathan Fleury became the first team to ever climb ElCap sans clothing!  Yep, it was billed as the first nude ascent although they did wear only essential climbing gear.  Here they are at the change-over at Camp 4 during their 12 hour NIAD.  The climb has generated a lot of interest and you can imagine the comments!


























6)  Pete and Sean finished their climb of Adrift a few days ago and here they are high on the Tempest portion of the route.


























7)  Lots of aircraft flying over the valley these past few days.  Here is a Navy AWAX passing by.



























8)  A local crew spent some time on El Corazon and were making good progress until Buck took a 30 footer and hurt his ankle. 





























9)  Of course the meadow crew took in all the action between storms.


























10)  This was NIAD clustering on the Pancake Flake as several parties collided there.  Roger Putnam is the lead person, while his partner, Tom Herbert is actually the last man in the line.  Strange doings up there!






























11)  Conrad and friend Alex did VA to the Trip over three days of nice weather.  Alex is a cancer survivor who Conrad promised a trip up ElCap when he was recovered enough to make the climb.




























12)  Higher on the route Conrad is leading toward the slab pitch early in the day.





























13)  Lots of posing going on the Cap as everyone is a cameraman!  Here, on the Hollow Flake, is as good a place as any for photos!





























14)  Trina Seligman is seen here on the last pitch of the Nose on her climb to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis research.  She climbed with Matt Grundon of YMS.


























15)  Josie McKee put on a clinic on how to do the King Swing yesterday.  She and Quinn Brett got a late start, as the weather had cleared, but still managed their NIAD.





























16)  Quinn lowering out from the Boot as Josie climbed on the Lynn Hill traverse.




























17) Roger Putnam and Matt Benoit climbed the Nose and Salathe in a day a couple of days ago.  Here they are on the Salathe headwall.  ANIMALS!!





























18)  Low flying Air Force plane was one of two that buzzed the Valley way below altitude regulations… love the props!


























In other news:  There is still lots of time and good weather for your team to head up the Captain… so come on out and share the good times.

So that’s the way it is, here in Yosemite, on the week ending today, 13 June, 2017.

Capt. Tom 

Strange weather for June!

Amazing pics as always. The NNIAD (nude nose in a day) is quite funny. You would want any frayed wires on your nuts! :) The shots of the aircraft are spectacular especially the props on the second one. Look like lots of action despite the weather, but snow in mid June is a bit of a surprise. The "crew" in the meadows looks relaxed. It's one of the best things to do when in the valley - hang out. Take care and thanks for sharing with those of us who are not there what's going on.


Plane number 05724. Haha call

Plane number 05724. Haha call his boss.


From Tom... love military aircraft... they can buzz me any time they want!!


This report is majorly awesome!


Excellent photos Tom! NIAD is no big deal now? Seems like everyone is doing it...