ElCap Report 6/13/16

ElCap Report 6/13/16

By Tom Evans

Yo.. A beautiful day dawned, after the storms of the past day and night.  I didn’t see anyone bail as a result of the storm.  We needed the rain to wash off the Captain, as the old man can get kinda stinky late in the season!  Lots going on… read all about it below.

Today’s ElCap Report… written just for you…unique in all the world!

1) Zodiac: Paul and Chris were up early and at work when I got this shot of the belay at the end of the MOZ pitch.






























2)  They climbed steadily all day and were just topping out when I came by, on my way to the ranch last evening, at 7:30pm.





























3)  Lower down, Maria is seen here climbing the Flying Buttress pitch this morning.





























4)  Later in the day she did the Nipple pitch and took a little tumble as seen here.  She bivied at the start of the MOZ pitch.





























On what turned out to be a stealth climb… Brad Gobright and Scott Bennett flashed up the Huber variation, of Zodiac, in 7 plus hours yesterday… I never saw them as they started late and I moved out west a bit early.  Big things to come from this team… stay tuned.


5)  On the Trip, Irish Paul continues to move upward at a steady pace.  Here he is climbing on one of the VA pitches later in the day.






























6)  Over on Gulf Stream, Neil continues to grind along on some pretty crappy looking rock…looks to be hard going over there.  Drilling for oil?






























7)  NA Wall:  Sam Shannon and Rhett Burroughs topped out this morning after weathering the storm at the belay on the last pitch.  No fun there in the full force of the weather!  But the hike down is always the worst part of the whole adventure!!  Last haul on the NA Wall!!!






























8)  The animals have been released from their cages.  On Tribal Roger, Eric, and Matt are romping up this great line.  Hell, they will be off tomorrow, most likely, as they are just eating up the pitches!  Here they are on the early pitches of Tribal this morning.






























9)  By afternoon they were releasing the bags to haul to the Carrot pitch… I stopped by late in the evening and they had done three more pitches… Animals, Animals!!!





























10)  Here they are on a long shot from out west finishing the haul to the Carrot pitch.





























11)  Over on the Nose several teams were working higher on the route.  Here a team, that weathered the storm, is moving up to camp 6 this morning.






























12)  Lower down a fast moving NIAD team is caught here on the King Swing.  Very stylish!!





























13)  Lower down, a few teams, including this awfully dressed team, grinded through the Legs.































14)  Over on the Albatross Steve lead the tricky pitch off the Canoe this morning and made short work of it.






























15)  Next door on the Shield, the team speeded along this morning.  Both teams are seen in this two for one shot.






























16)   By early afternoon Steve and Jordan were on Chickenhead ledge.  Off tomorrow!






























So that’s the way it is, for this Monday, the 13th of June, 2016.

Capt. Tom… still manning the big gun!


The good weather is back!

Wow, those guys are flying up Tribal Rite. Probably finished today? That 2 for 1 shot is great. I've seen it before, but it's neat to see how close the routes are to one another. Travel well big wall climbers!


Pin Scars

Wow look at the pin scars on the shield in the second to last shot. The climb gets a lot of use. Someday someone is gonna free climb the shield head wall cracks.

Amazing photos. Thanks for the stoke Tom.