ElCap Report 6/10/2022 The last report of the Spring Season 2022

ElCap Report 6/10/2022

By Tom Evans

Yo… Today is my last day of the season.  There are few climbers on ElCap now and the weather looks a lot more like summer than late spring.  The sun is higher and higher in the sky daily and that makes the photography more difficult and less rewarding for me.  So, for me, it is time to go home.  I want to thank all of you who have supported my efforts this spring season.  Special mention goes out to Erik Sloan and Tom and Sondra Herbert for letting me stay with them during the season.  Here are some of the last shots of this season for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s ElCap Report… written just for you… unique in all the world!

1)  A few days back Ryan Huetter and Chance Traub topped out on Mescalito and here is a shot of the last pitch.





























2)  A new, all women’s, team is on Mescalito now and they are moving smartly up the route. They are Keiko Tanaka and her partner Clemmie and both are well up to the task. I don’t know Clemmie but Keiko is an experienced, highly regarded climber here in Yosemite’s Big Wall Community.  This is a shot on June the 8th and here we seen Keiko getting a rest under the watchful eye of the Stork.





























3) This is the “Two Bird pitch” with the stork and the seagull and Clemmie leading past the seagull.





























4)  The next day the women were up early and hard at it in the morning just before I left for home.  Best wishes to them for a safe and enjoyable climb.






























5)  Danford Jooste and Miles Fullman made a nice Zodiac in a day a couple of days ago.  I kinda remember their time was around 14 hours.. maybe.  Here Miles is leading into the Great White Circle on the pitch I fell on in 1995, when my arm became entangled in the rope, producing a nasty deep burn.  No such problem for them!






























6)  As the sun came on, Miles lead the long center pitch up to the start of the Nipple pitch.






























7)  Mile’s block ended and Danford took over the leading. Here he is working the Nipple pitch.  I saw him the next morning and he said he had not been on the route before and found it to be challenging.  But he looked good to me!






























8)  Sam Phillips and Jason Lakey (aka “Coach) put in a couple of days of speed climbing, doing Luking Fear in a day and then a smooth, fast NIAD.  Here they are at the start of the Jardine corner leading to Eagle Ledge.  They easily made it off in daylight.





























9)  The Salathe has been home for Whitney and Will Stanhope for several days as Will is looking for a free ascent of the fabled track.  Here we see Will working the notorious pitch above the Ear, that has turned back many a great climber.  I talked to Will the yesterday as he walked by me at the Bridge.  He was shut down on that pitch but will be back, perhaps in the Fall to get it done.






























10)  An oldie from the turn of the century.  Alex Huber leading on the Great Roof for the film they eventually released about the speed record they achieved.  Notice all the photographers required for such a production in 2006!
































11)  Some of the crew from the dedication of Camp 4 in 2010.






























12)  I look forward to the Fall when I will see you again.  Cooke’s Meadow early on a fall morning.


























13)  Half Dome in Fall colors.

























So that’s the way it is, on my last day of the season, 10 June 2022.  Let’s all come back in the Fall and have more of the great adventures and good times! 

Capt. Tom… until next time..

BTW: More than a few of you didn't make it to the Cafe to get your shots from me in person.  Thus I have to use dropbox to get them to you.... So I need for you to send me the dates you were on the wall, a good description of your kit... bags and colors of them and any other information that will help me figure out which team you are.  It will take some time for me to organize the shots into teams and get them sent out to you.. so be patient with me and send me an email in a few weeks if you haven't gotten your shots.  Thanks for your cooperation guys.