ElCap Report 6/10/16

ElCap Report 6/10/16

By Tom Evans

Yo… Today was one of the best days for climbing and photos that I have ever seen in ANY Spring season! I took more than 200 shots, on this cool and cloudy day.  Lots of action up on the Captain now but no real crowding. 

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

1) High on Zodiac I shot Kristen making short work of the mega-famous Nipple pitch.































2)  Well after Kristen had hauled the bag, Nick came up and cleaned the pitch.






























3)  Lower down Maria Parkes climbed, cleaned, and hauled the infamous Black Tower pitch.  Here she is on the lead.




























Lower Down the team of Paul Allen and Chris Izoni hauled kit to the top of the 4th that they fixed yesterday and lead the Bolt ladder pitch while I was shooting.

4)  High on the Trip the TER Korean team of 4 finished the route late this morning.  Gotta say this team did an exceptional job utilizing a solid 4-man team.





























5)  Much lower down the mixed team we saw yesterday lounged around in the morning and bailed in the early afternoon.



























6)  Over on Gulf Stream, Neil continues to peck away at some weird looking knobby rock.





























7)  Over on the NA Wall Sam and Rhett moved along well today.  Here they are on the Roof pitch out of the Black Cave.






























8)  Higher they climbed the pitch into the Cyclops Eye.






























9)  Higher yet, the team of Dustin and Mark climbed out of the Cyclops Eye after a bivy a pitch above the standard one.  Here Mark is leading the traverse pitch across the top of the Eye.






























10)  Several teams were scattered all along the Nose route today.  This shot is of one of the faster teams crossing the Tan Band.






























11)  Later I spotted this team in the Texas Flake area… I haven’t ever seen anyone belay from the Bolt Ladder off Texas Flake instead of the top of the flake.  I didn’t stay around long enough to see how their King Swing went with the belay and kit right in the line of the pendulum.






























12)  This NIAD Team found that the second, wearing a pack, had difficulty doing KS and needed some assistance at the end.  A pack tends to pull you backwards and makes it difficult to cross the corner.





























Several teams were on the lower Nose and higher several teams topped out today.


13)  The team on the Muir continues to climb well and the leader is seen here a pitch below the normal bivy ledge.  King Kong chimney on the right.






























14)  Steve Schneider and Jordan Cannon were spotted across from the Shield Roof this afternoon on their way to The Albatross.  Jordan is cleaning the pitch.






























Golden Gate:  Ethan Pringle is making a supported and photographed one-day attempt to climb this excellent route, free.

15)  Here Ethan is leading the entry down climb onto the route.



























16)  Higher he did the difficult face climbing pitch and looked pretty sharp here.





























17)  Not so fast Ethan… off he came!  He looked to be uninjured and I left before I could see if he sent the pitch on the next try.






























18)  Out West, John did the last pitches of Octopussy today.  Here he is a pitch below Thanksgiving Ledge early this afternoon. 






























19)  Mash Alexander and Jerry Greenleaf are off to do the Double Direct but first had a racking session at the car which drew a lot of interest among climbers and Tourons alike!






























20)  In a quiet moment Jerry and Mash hash through the details.





























In other news:  Wow… the weather has made this a new climbing season and climbers are psyched once again!

So that’s the way it is, on this Friday, the 10th day of June, 2016.

Capt. Tom…loving these cloudy days!!