ElCap Report 5/31/16

ElCap Report 5/31/16

By Tom Evans

Yo.. The excellent weather continues to reinvigorate the spring climbing season.  Lots of action on the cliff today, so pay attention Cubicle Pukes.. there will be a test at the end of the report!  Brad and Jim did the Nose/Salathe yesterday in a total of 18 hours.. pretty good! 

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you… unique in all the world!

1) Zodiac:  Craig is putting on a clinic up there on the Zod!  He will spend the night on Peanut Ledge and climb off tomorrow.  Here is a shot of him getting ready to start the MOZ pitch this morning.





























2) ZM:  Sean stayed right here for all of the morning and into the afternoon. 






























3)  Around 1pm Sean got up and climbed to the Saw Tooth Flake and I would guess did that pitch too. The man looks totally solid!






























Trip:  A couple of guys started on the Trip yesterday and made the top of the 4th by the time I departed.

4)  Iron Son:  Nathan and Chris finished the route this afternoon.





























NA Wall:  Due to an unfortunate accident that cut Mark’s hand, the team had to bail today and seek medical attention.


5)  Nose:  Several teams worked the lower part of the route, but this team was way out in front and I got this shot of them doing the King Swing just before 3pm when I departed the meadow.





























Muir:  This excellent route has suddenly become popular!  The mixed team climbed off today after a rapid ascent of the route.

6)  Up early to finish the route by late evening.  This is the excellent ledge at the start of the final dihedral.  Notice the King Kong Chimney on the right of the shot.






























7)  The belay a pitch above the bivy ledge, seen in the previous shot.





























8)  I have been trying to find Kitty and Eliana for the last couple of days and this just may be them at the Crossroads, where the Shield and Muir go different directions.  Not sure who is in the shot.






























9)  I can’t tell the women apart (Alexa Flower and Jane Jackson) but this one lead the long pitch up to the Groove this morning.  Nice lead too!!





























10)  Eric Bissel is seen here lounging around while the women did the work this morning!






























11)  The notorious Groove Pitch has put the fear in many a leader but not this time.  One of the women sent this in good order, after giving the ElCap salute to pacify the old Captain!




























12)  It looks like Eric got the Triple Cracks pitch this afternoon.  Windy and a bit chilly up there today.






























Salathe/Freerider:  A couple of teams were out there this morning and afternoon.  All looked to be doing well.  I looked for Katie and Alix but didn’t spot them.


13)  NNL:  Nik, Mason, and Niels worked the lower traverse to Timbuktu this morning.  Mason is out on the sharp end here.



























14)  Octopussy:  John Selove is out there on a solo mission.  Here he is just getting the light this morning.  Looking good John!



























15)   Big Wall Kate Robertson is out west, solo, on Lost World or perhaps something else… not sure.  Here she is on the third pitch.






























In other news:  The season is busting now and big plans are in the works… so stay tuned for all the action.

So that’s the way it is, for this Tuesday, the 31st of May, 2016.

Capt. Tom… meadow man!