ElCap Report 5/16/18

ElCap Report 5/16/18

By Tom Evans

Yo... It seems like the Spring climbing season is in full swing now.

The logistics and expense of staying outside the Valley in the spring has become too difficult for me these days.  Also the physical conditions and light are bad for photographing ElCap in the spring and just dealing with the traffic is frustrating too.  So I will not be in the Valley for the spring season.  This will be the first spring season I will miss in the last 15 years.  I plan on returning in the Fall.  Best of luck to all the climbers in Yosemite!

Capt. Tom

I enjoy reading your reports

I haven't been to Yosemite ever (heck, I haven't been to America before). But thanks to your reports I can experience a little bit of the magic of Yosemite on my laptop screen.

I wish you all the best and look forward on seeing some reports in the fall.


Has anyone heard from White Boy and Native Man at all?

Hear from you in the fall


Have a great spring and look forward to some fall reports!

Thanks for the dutiful service Tom...

We'll miss your pics and posts, and, with ZachW starting his ascent today, Im particularly missing your presence....still, you have been a great chronicler for years, and you don't owe us a thing! We look forward to your Summer posts....