ElCap Report 3/7/2020 Special Report Yosemite Bigwalls 2nd Edition

Today's ElCap report...written just for you... unique in all the world.

Erik Sloan has just released the much anticipated: Yosemite Bigwalls, The Complete Guide, Second Edition and is now taking orders. 

Go to: Store.Yosemitebigwall.com  to order this excellent guide to Yosemite big wall climbing. Updated topos, many new photographs and your favorite old ones keep the psyche high. Not only will you get the physical book but also the internet version you can put on your phone, computer, etc.  Erik has climbed many of the routes himself... with over 100 ElCap ascents he knows what he is writing about.  He has also talked to climbers who have made recent big wall ascents and has updated the topos to reflect the new and changing conditions of the routes. This is the newest and most complete Guide money can buy. I personally give it my highest recomendation.

That's the way it is folks... you want the best? That's what you get with this purchase.

See you in the Spring in the Valley!

Capt. Tom



Book is amazing

Erik did an amazing job with the book. Where other guides tend to hit only the trade or popular routes, He has amazing details on almost every route in the valley. Add in the amazing pictures with the routes overlaid, and over 150 pages dedicated solely to the El Cap and you've got the best guide book I've ever had.

Haven't been to the valley

Haven't been to the valley yet, but I read the reports all the time for some inspiration to train for the day I finally see those granite walls! Thanks Tom!!