ElCap Report 10/4/2022

ElCap Report 10/4/2022

By Tom Evans

Yo… Spectacular weather is holding firm with no rain in the forecast.  Lots of teams have come into the Valley and kit is being hauled to stage many more climbs.  Virginia/Trip is a popular choice these days as is Zodiac.  The Nose was empty this afternoon from Sickle ledge to the tree!  Salathe is also quite deserted these days with a wall-style team of two slugging it out in slings.  Don’t be shy Cubicle Pukes… it doesn’t get much better than it is here, right now.  However, Gray, brown, and black still infest the Captain, like rats on a ship.  I have bitched, moaned, pleaded and begged you “Heroes of the Useless”, to wear bright colors and yet you persist doing just the opposite.  You will see more proof that colors are the way to dress, in today’s report … pay attention!!  That is an order from the Captain!

Today’s ElCap Report… written just for you… unique in all the world!

1)  Marek Reganwoicz has started on Lunar Eclipse and here he is on the second pitch yesterday.































2)  A couple of days back, the speedy team of Trevor Hobbs and Braden Mayfield made a quick climb of the Shield in windy but warm conditions.  Here they are high on the route as the first sunlight found them.
































3)  The Nose has pretty empty and the funny thing is that teams seem to travel quite nicely and then suddenly collapse into clusters that jam up the route at particular locations.  A popular clumping spot is the start of the Great Roof.  Here part of a 4 team clump is on the Great Roof with NIADs passing bag teams and we even got an “ElCap salute” from one team member.































4)  The NIAD team of Tom Herbert and Tavish Hansen blitzed thru the mob and are seen here on the notorious pitch into Camp five a couple of days ago.  Tom cruised, the much maligned, pitch and the lads threw down an 8:17!































5)  Tavish Hansen was pretty psyched about their fast time and posed for a long shot from the ECM.































6)  Geezer legends, Mark Hudon and Max Jones, have teamed up for a reunion on VA/Trip and are seen, with a few friends, getting ready to haul kit to the base.































7)  Nikko and Sean are cruising along on Bad Seed and I am enjoy shooting them as they climb along on beautiful and interesting rock. I think this is the Time Bomb pitch.  Please send corrections if I misname something, as I am happy to correct any mistakes. At my age I make a lot of mistakes!






























8)  Bad Seed.































9)  Bad Seed.































10)  On Mescalito, Rob and Grayson are in high gear.  They are seen here passing the Molar Pendulum yesterday morning.  Their systems are dialed and they are flawless thus far.































11)  Mescalito.






























12)  The excellent team of Gagner and Schenider and making quick work of Kaos and are seen here with Steve reaching down for some gear as they pass the left edge of the 9 O’Clock Roof.































13)  A team seemed to appear from a break in the space/time continuum, without warning, two days ago on Zenyatta Mondotta. These two strong climbers are passing all difficulties and were seen on the Lightning Bolt Roofs yesterday.  Unfortunately. they seem not to have gotten my memo on proper attire for the Captain.  This shot would have been a great one if the leader had a colorful shirt.  Oh, well…Sam Boyce and Andy O'Brien you two are looking good!































14)  The cleaner of the LBR pitch did represent the team rather well in this shot.  Who are those guys?




In other news: The guys on the Dihedral bailed in the heat.  Hayley left kit on LA and came down for more water it appears.  The Nose is seeing an unusually high rate of bails, well above the normal 50%. The upper east side is getting most of the action.  Pete and minions are about to blast on Dave Turner’s 2002 route, Atlantis.  So, get ready of a two-week junk show right in our faces.  The YOSAR reunion is coming up tomorrow. and a lot of long gone faces will be here to relive the good old days!


So that’s the way it is on this Tuesday the 4th day of October, 2022.

Capt. Tom

Shield team

I wonder if Shield team Trevor Hobbs is my old friend from the mid 90's that worked for DNC? If so, great job mate! Way to keep it going.

Hey I may only be 22 but I

Hey I may only be 22 but I think I've already climbed it more times than you


From Tom... Yeah I guess I misunerstood Tom or maybe I confused you with Ray (most likely!)  anyway sorry for the mixup and 

I have changed the report, as I always do when I screw up, which is quite often these days!

No worries, that was meant to

No worries, that was meant to be in jest! :)

Great to see!

Great to see!