ElCap Report 10/4/18

ElCap Report 10/4/18

By Tom Evans

Yo… Since the rains came a couple of days ago, I have been out and about taking some scenic shots.  Much easier to write about than climbing!  Speaking of climbing… Brett Evans, who is on the Trip, seems to have landed in the golden zone where it is dry and comfortable.  He has continued to climb pitches each day and is doing just fine.  No other teams, that I know of, are on the mountain.  Now folks…. Some of you have been jumping other peoples fixed lines so you won’t have to climb some pitches.  This practice is not ethical here in Yosemite.  You should do your own climbing and fixing.  At the very least you should find the people who fixed the lines and get permission to use those ropes.  OK?

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  A couple of evenings ago I took a walk at sunset and got this shot of the North Face of Sentinel Rock.



























2)  The same hike led to this shot of Half Dome.


























3)  Today we had a lot of clouds in and out of the Valley.  This view is of the Cathedral Spires taken from the ElCap Meadow.






























4)  ElCap in cloud, taken from the ECM.




























5)  This boulder is found on the right side of the South Side Drive.




























6)  The South Side Drive is changing color fast now so be sure to drive the western loop to see it before it is gone.




























7)  The Dogwoods are going to seed now and turning some bright colors.  The ones on 120 going to Crane Flat are always nice to see.






























8)  This unusual Maple leaf is showing all three phases of fall.






























9)  Evening view off to the west from the Swinging Bridge area.



























10)  The Nose of ElCap seen through the trees along the South Side Drive.






























11)  Reflection in the Merced River of the edge of the Nose of ElCap.






























12)  The Three Brothers formation and its reflection in the Merced river… the Higher Brother is lost in cloud.






























13)  Side view of ElCap from down by the river.






























14)  Reflection of ElCap in the River.




























15)  My favorite tree, a Sugar Maple across the road from the Chapel, is turning color now… love that tree!






























16)  More Maple leaves!






























17)  The view westward from the afore mentioned Maple Tree.




























18)  Hanging with Loli and Diego in the Café during some serious rain yesterday.  She is the Italian woman, Para Climber, who just climbed Zodiac.























So that’s the way it is, during a long storm day, the 4th day of October, 2018.

Capt. Tom  Loving the beauty of the Valley today!



Great Photos

Hi Tom,
Great Photos on this post!!
There are many ways to enjoy Yosemite Valley.
I sent you some $$. How about the rest of you out there?


Great Photos

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Spectacular Shots!

Hey Tom,

Great to see you in the valley this fall. Amazing pics as always. The reflection shots are my favourites. Have a fun season. Looking forward to following the action on the big stone now that the weather has improved.