ElCap Report 10/24/2014

ElCap Report 10/24/14

By Tom Evans

Yo… They say it will rain tomorrow… judging from today I don’t really see how that can happen… it was another blue bird day in the Valley!  It was a big day here with interesting climbing all over the rock.  Tomorrow Libby and Mayan are going for an improved speed woman’s record on the Nose.  Chantel is still on the rock as I type these words… but she was killing it all day so hopes are high she got the first woman’s solo of the Nose in a day.  See the shots below!

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

Surgeon General:  Marek was groveling in the dark rock all day and must get off tomorrow if he is to catch his flight back home.

1)  Lunar Eclipse:  The guys climbed out of the White Circle late this morning.





























2)  Zodiac:  Hudon and Jones were still on the route when I arrived at 9am today.  They topped out around 1pm after a 30+ push on the route.  Here is Max bringing them home!





























There is a team lower down who were on the Black Tower as I departed today.

3)  Tangerine Trip:  Danny Coltrane is seen here on the last technical pitch of the route this afternoon.  Off by now!!





























4)  Jim Beyer continues to put the rock under him on his latest ElCap adventure.  Sometimes the seams close and he has to drill something as seen here.





























Nose:  There were several teams on the route today including Chantel Astorga and another solo whose name I will add later.

5)  The big climb of the route today was Chantel Astorga who moved very well all the time I was shooting her.  Here she is in the Stoveleg crack.






























6)  Higher she is seen climbing past the nice stance above Dolt Tower.  Notice she did not clip the bolts there… so… she is freelancing it from piece to piece!






























7)  Chantel is seen here finishing the King Swing which she did after a few runs.  Tough with a pack on!!





























8)  Later in the day I shot her from out west as she climbed toward the Gray Bands Traverse.





























9)  Here she is higher up, shot from miles away!
































10)  The solo male climber, Nick, did well when I was there and is seen here coming back to his kit after leading the first pitch in the Legs. He bailed from Dolt the next day.































11)  Higher one of the wall style teams is seen on the last moves to the end of the Pancake Flake.






























12)  Higher the twins are seen on Camp 6.  They dressed alike!































13)  Salathe:  I got this shot early in the morning of a day climber, from the top, hauling kit to Sous le Toit.






























14)  Later I spotted these guys on the Headwall.






























15)  South Side Drive this afternoon.  Fall is suddenly upon us… about time!!



























16)  Some of the crew that came by the meadow in support of Chantel today.






























In other news:  Tomorrow will be an interesting day for the ladies.  Best of luck to them and Chantel for the remainder of her climb!

So that’s the way it is, for this Friday, the 24th day of October, 2014.

Later, Capt. Tom