ElCap Report 10/23/2022

ElCap Report 10/23/2022

By Tom Evans

Yo… The BIG RAIN promised for 12pm yesterday somehow got lost on the way to the Valley and we had a nice, partly cloudy, day that climbers sat out for the most part… waiting… waiting…. Finally, around 5pm it arrived.  We had 20 minutes of pretty hard rain and then it moved off into the high country.  As a result of the waiting, I ended up hanging here in the Mt. Room Bar, in my usual corner by the door, most of the day.  Today, dawned bright, after a cold and damp night.  Of course, the C4 ranger arrived an hour late, for some unknown reason, and 50 of us stood around, freezing our butts off.  As a result, I was not at the meadow until 11am and left by two to finish installing my camp, site #1.  On Zodiac, we have a team helping a man with macular degeneration, get up the route before he completely loses his eye sight.  He started today. As I didn’t get much shooting the last two days, I am going to give you a lethal dose of the Atlantic Ocean Wall shots I have taken thus far. 

Today’s ElCap Report.. written just for you… unique in all the world!

1)  This Freerider team was being pushed by a team lead by Jim Reynolds, who needs no introduction.  The woman finishing the corner is one of Jim’s team members.  All this is at the start of the so called, “Traverse pitch.”































2)  A couple of days ago Sean Warren suddenly appeared in my view finder as Cosmos actually came around the corner that I had figured would block any view of him, except for out west.  He is looking strong and moving right along.  I saw him later today and he is getting high up now and should finish in the next two or so days.



3)  I did spot a woman’s team, of Rebecca and Trish, on the VA start to the Trip.  They are said to have fixed 4 yesterday.  They are looking good and were motoring along when I took this shot.































4)  I spotted this team of three this afternoon and the Ear.  The leader was struggling on the Monster Crack somewhere out of view of this shot.  The other two guys were hauling kit.






























5)  I nabbed this shot of Pete, Tom, and Luke on Atlantis, from far out west, thus the side view, of Atlantis.






























The rest of the shots are of, Alex Abrams, Ryan Rex, and Mitchell Mabry working on the Atlantic Ocean Route, which they are zooming up. I love the rock in the following shots.  Atlantic Ocean Wall…. Just for you!!























































































































































In other news… The shameless exploitation of the 8 year old boy, by his father Joe Baker, has yet to leave the deck as far as I can tell.  There has been a lot of chatter on the internet about this publicity stunt and most is very unsupportive. The story is allready on CNN.  Joe Baker told CNN that his son is a "world class cimber"  what a bunch of crap!!  Why would a world class climber hire guides to drag him up ElCap when he could just climb it himself with little effort???  World Class my Ass!!  World class fraud, world class lies, world class child abuser, child exploiter of his own child for his own greed for publicity. These are sick people who should be called out for this abuse.  Yet... where are the advocates for the child?  None but us, the real climbers know... the media are co-conspiritors in this despicable Hoax.

I am leaving here at the end of the week for my home in Crestline CA.  I have been getting pretty run-down by now and will love sleeping in my water bed once again.  This season has been a very expensive one for me and I would like to ask the many of you, who like to read the report but have never contributed to its upkeep, to try and send me some help here… any amount is fine. Paypal is my choice of systems for sending $$$.  Come on folks, a small contribution for 14 years of viewing pleasure is not asking a lot.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  Many thanks!

So that’s the way it is, on this Sunday evening, the 23rd day of October, 2022.

Capt. Tom… signing off for the day, at my corner in the Mr. Room Bar, Yosemite National Park, California. USA





Unique in all the world

Tom, Jay and I will be in the Valley this Sunday, October 30th, but you will probably be heading home. Thank you for another season of incredibly entertaining commentary with mind boggling photography. The ECR never ceases to amaze me. I'm so grateful for the monumental effort you put in to make the ECR happen. I hope your drive home goes by quickly and safely.


Any coverage of the Andrew and Grace team on Zodiac would be much appreciated! They are the "Green Bag" team. Started yesterday. Thanks!

From Tom:    Yeah... I saw and shot them but there was so much confusion because of the movie crew and such that it is hard to tell what is theirs and what is not.  But I always take shots of everything so I am on them.  

Thank you!!! Any and all

Thank you!!!
Any and all updates on their progress much appreciated and valued!!!

Andrew's Parents