ElCap Report 10/2/2015

ElCap Report 10/2/15

By Tom Evans

Yo… We had a perfect, spectacular, fall day, here in Yosemite.  The Wall population is getting up to normal now.  There is still room on any route you may want to climb, so come on out while the weather is good.

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Eagles Way:  John and Mike hit the wall early and made great time … right up until they dropped their hooks and had to bail.  Here they are on the upward cycle, with John leading above the Seagull pitch.





























2)  Zodiac:  Laura and Sean are cruising up the route with Laura getting both the leads in the White Circle.  Here they are finishing up the Nipple pitch this afternoon.






























2A)  Lower down, the team that fixed a couple of days ago, returned to the climb and are seen here on the Black Tower pitch.  They bailed later in the day!





























3)  Tangerine Trip: The Mikes did the long 5th pitch this morning and were on the 6th when I got this shot.






























4)  Mescalito is seeing a push by two YOSAR climbers, Dave Weintraub and Ken Kreis.  Here they are starting the 5th pitch.






























5)  Later I got them on the Seagull pitch in early afternoon.





























6)  Higher up, Meg Curry continues to climb well.  She is seen here starting the Molar Pendulum.






























7)  TOM'S SHOT OF THE DAY!!  Here Meg makes the grab.





























8)  Later on she made the big lower out to get back to the start of the pitch.






























9)  The Nose had some good action low down.  This team was cruising along when I got this shot at Texas Flake.  Later they bailed from Eagle Ledge.





























10)  Lower down I got a shot of this three person team hauling onto Dolt Tower.






























11)  Way out west, Joe and Skyler were spotted moving along well on Lost World.  I don’t know the name of the third person.






























12)  I got this shot of Magda and Regan lounging in the meadow after their ascent of the Pacific Ocean Wall.




























13)  Some of the crew hanging at the tree in the meadow this afternoon.



























So that's the way it is, on this Friday, the 2nd Day of October,2015.

Capt. Tom