ElCap Report 10/21/2014

ElCap Report 10/21/14

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Yo…Yo..  What beautiful days we’ve been having for the last several weeks!  Interesting times to be here in Yosemite.  The Girls are back in town!!   Tomorrow will see Chantel make a run at a sub 24 hour solo of the Nose.  Not to be out done,  Libby and Mayan are doing a practice run on the Nose with the ultimate goal of knocking some serious time off their own Nose record, which I recall being something like 5:36.  Chantel is starting at 4 or so and Libby and Mayan at a more relaxed 7am.  It will be fun to watch, so if you are around then be sure to come on out and support the women!

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Surgeon General:  Marek continues his rather leisurely pace up this interesting route.  Here he is contemplating the huge flake right above his belay!





























2)  Zodiac:  Sean the Brit, climbed off today after taking the day off yesterday, while the two man team finished their climb.  Here is Sean cleaning the pitch above Peanut ledge this morning.





























3)  Lower down on Zodiac, Brant Didden, climbed the Nipple pitch this morning and is seen here coming back to the belay.






























4)  Jim Beyer continues his march up Iron Hawk after his new start from Tree Ledge.  Here he is leading the top of the Spoon this afternoon.






























Tangerine Trip:  I didn’t have a shot of Danny today that I wanted to put on the report, but he is going great and I will have a shot of him tomorrow.


Nose:  Three teams were on the route today.

5)  These two climbers were doing a ton of free climbing and it was fun to watch, as they were really looking good.  Here they are crossing the traverse bolts to the low way into the Legs.  No grabbing slings for these guys!  Here we see Jorg Verhoeven in the lead.  I don't know the other climber.






























6)  Higher the guys are seen climbing the pitch to the Jardine Traverse.





























7)  Jorg cruised the Jardine without grabbing anything but rock!  I was psyched to watch him!






























8)  Finishing moves on the Jardine Traverse.  Sweet!






























9)  Higher Mash and Axel were in the middle of a NIAD when I shot Mash lowering out from the Boot with miles of lower-out rope!































There was the team from yesterday, who were in violation of the dress code.  They are moving along well and I would have a shot of them but their shots didn’t make the cut.

10)  By the look of their bags, I think this team is going to the Shield.  Here the leader is hauling kit above the “Silver Fish” corner.  Later I learned they went to the 3D!






























11)   Freerider:  Another good team of free climbers, Nate Beckwith, leading, and Eric Whell, climbed from the deck to the top of the Monster while I was shooting.  Here they are taking the detour past the Ear and right into the, seldom done, lower part.





























12)  I did see this guy working the Enduro Corner this morning… liked the lighting so here’s the shot!





























13)  The “Girls” are back in town, ready to kick some ass and take some names!  They came out to the meadow, along with John Long and Jona Marie, to have a leisurely morning hanging out.  Here Libby, Mayan, and Chantel, are making plans and sharing information for the big day tomorrow. 





























14)  Later Libby and Mayan racked up at the road.






























In other news:  My special girl and site mate, Liz, stopped by for a quick good-bye on her way to the coast for a few days.  Later Buck and his parents hung out along with Dave, just down from the Shield, and Tow Truck Joe.  It was a nice day and I took a ton of shots…over 240 of which 56 made my best of the season file!  Thanks Liz for the encouragement!

So that’s the way it is, for this Tuesday, the 21st day of October, 2014.

Later, ElTom