ElCap Report 10/20/21

ElCap Report 10/20/21 

By Tom Evans

Yo… This is the last report of my abbreviated late Fall season.  The weather is threatening to end the season within the next few days.  As a result, I bailed for home on 10/20/21 as did many other people who took a hard look at the weather forecast.  For me this has been a really short season as I only got two weeks of shooting. The permit system seems to have been no big deal as many teams signed up.  It was nice to get back to Yosemite after an almost 2 year absence.  If you missed getting your pics from me while I was here, then use the contact button to contact me.  I need the climb and dates you did it and any identifying information you have .. like bag colors or clothing colors etc.

Today’s ElCap Report… written just for you…unique in all the world!

1)  Zodiac has had many suitors, as it usually does this time of year.  Several teams have bailed.  The team in this shot persisted even with this pretty long fall on the Black Tower pitch.  Notice the yellow sling the lead rope is through.  The leader was very fortunate not to have hit the Tower.


2)  The team above reached the end of the GWC and the leader is about finished with the Mark of Zorro pitch in this shot.






























Shortest Straw:  Several teams climbed this route this season. We did have a solo ascent some of which is recorded in the 3 shots below.

3)  Ian McEleney soloed the route over several days.  Here he is climbing into the GWC in mid-afternoon.  His colorful person and kit drew my lens his way most days.































4)  Ian is seen on the Sawblade flake in this shot.






























5)  Ian is seen here at the start of the Sun and Steel pitch, which is mostly a reachy bold ladder.






























6)  VA/Trip:  The pictured team is on the 2nd pitch on the Virginia to the Trip.  A speedy team of Kevin DeWeese and partner did the route in a fast climb of 2 days.






























7)  Mescalito:  A strong women’s team of three took on this long, classic track.  Here they are seen on Stork ledge talking over the long-term weather situation and after a time bailed from here.






























8)  The super speedy team of Jim Reynolds and Lance Colley came along after the women’s team and pushed the route catching up with the party of Marlin Thorman and Casey Diener on the Bismarck Ledge.






























9)  Here they are pushing up the long right leaning dihedral leading to the Molar Traverse.





























10)  The Nose saw a lot of traffic this season with many bailing from the start of the Stovelegs or Sickle ledge.  Here is a gathering of climbers at the start of the route.































11)  Most days one can see parties hauling kit up the fixed lines to Heart Ledge.  This ledge is the staging point for several routes higher up.





























12)  The object of our affection!  ElCap is still an inspiration to many climbers. 






























In closing:  We had some interesting weather late this season.  Some days were perfect fall days we all reveled in and some were on the cool side.  I had so few days that I couldn’t really build much excitement or anticipation for any one climb.  It will be nice when the covid situation is lessened and climbers from all over the world can once more come here.  It was great to be back if only for such a short time.

The rescue site crew put on a very nice evening in remembrance of Brad Gobright.  Jim and Pat Gobright, Brad’s, parents came for the evening.  Many of Brads friends and climbing partners attended and we all had a fine time remembering this great young climber taken from us far too young.

I did manage to get a few reports out for your viewing pleasure even though I has pestered by very slow internet and a lack of time to do all I needed to do to make the reports up to my standard.

I hope to be back in the spring if camping can be worked out for me.  I am physically in decline these days and don’t have the energy or time I need for all of this… so we will see what the future holds for me and the ElCap Report.  Thanks to all the many people who have made my stay here in Yosemite possible and who have contributed to the site. 

Capt. Tom wishing all of you safe travels and continued adventures!

Great wrap up.

Thanks for the great reports this season. A shining beacon of hope for those of us who weren't able to make it home to the captain this year.
All the best til next year.