ElCap Report 10/1/16

ElCap Report 10/1/2016

By Tom Evans

Yo.. Cooler weather has arrived, carried here on strong winds this morning. The Nose is essentially empty save some posers struggling around the introductory pitches.  The Salathe/Freerider remains quite popular with several parties vying for the send.  The big aid routes are continuing to be popular.  I have a day off from shooting for Adidas so I did get some shots and news.  Tomorrow is the Hans extravaganza on the Snout Route.  It should be interesting as he plans to rap the Nose instead of hoofin the East Ledges.  Stay tuned…

Today’s ElCap Report..written just for you..unique in all the world!

1)  Over on Lunar Eclipse, April, Josh and Seth climbed a couple today.  Here they are on the 2nd pitch.





























2)  High on Zodiac, Connor and Lee are getting the pitches done on this excellent Trade route.  Here they are cleaning the Nipple pitch.






























3)  Higher they were spotted climbing the Devil’s Brow this afternoon.





























Lower down a solo appeared and climbed three and hauled kit by the time I departed.


4)  Over on the Trip, solo Nick, is moving along well.  Here he returning to his belay on the slab pitch.





























5)  On Native Son I got a shot of Sean Warren doing the Golden Nipple.  He later climbed off the route in early afternoon.






























6)  A little further West I watched Big Andy working on the Tempest this afternoon.






























7)  Later in the day I got this shot of him as the shade came on.






























8)  Over on Heartland the crew is pretty much off the route now.  Here is the junk show this morning.



























9)  Here they are later in the day.




























10)  On the Salathe the South African team of Hector, Tim, and Ian were spotted at the Ear this afternoon.  I assume they will stay in the Alcove.




























11)  Higher up on the Freerider I saw this team turn the Headwall Roof and head for the higher pitches.





























12)  Lower down I was able to catch Mark Hudon cruising the Monster Crack with Dustin Moore shooting the pitch from above.




























13)  I did see a team of three lead off the Block and make it to Sous le Toit in mid-afternoon.  It could be a late arrival at Long Ledge for this team or perhaps a dark summit.



























14)  Next door I was finally able to catch a shot of Jordan, Adam and partner who is not Levy who had to bow out because of work.






























15)  Out in the meadow we have had some nice days with many of the crew hanging out, like we see in this shot by guest photographer, Earl Bates.






























In other news.  Some say rain is coming … some say not.. we will see.

So that’s the way it is, on this Saturday, the 1st of October, 2016.

Remember… the report is contingent on my working for Adidas.. I will do my best to keep it going between shootings.

Capt. Tom

Solo climber on Zodiac

Hi Tom!
The solo on Zodiac is Gustav from Sweeden. His partner got sick, so he is going for it alone! The stoke is high!