El Cap Report 10/23/08

ElCap Report 10/23/08 By Tom Evans

 Yo... Geeze, what can I say that I haven't said in the past several reports? Totally beautiful here and the weather is cooperating to the max. Still lots of climbs to be done before the first winter storm sends the Wall Rats scurrying for warmer environs. Today's report is brought to you by the Bridge Rats with whom I am going to climb the Royal Arches tomorrow.  I will be gone most of the day. Thus there will be no photos and no ECR tomorrow... I know, I know.... Take the pain pukes!!! I need to have some fun you know!!

Aspens at the lodge.


 River view with Higher Cathedral Rock and Spire skylined in the background.


North Side Drive near Devil's Elbow


Nose in profile, notice the painter at the rivers edge.


Today's Report is right now....

Zodiac: Well the three teams have all moved up a few pitches. Kevin and Sarah jumped past Althea and are at the top of the White Circle as I write these lines.

Kevin and Sarah in the White Circle, very organized too.


Next in line is Althea, who climbed two pitches today. She was finished with the BT when I arrived and cleaned it by early afternoon. Then she climbed into the Circle, which is the start of the real stuff. Her wardrobe could not be worse as far as photos are concerned, as a look at the pic below shows. Too bad for her... dull clothing means dull pics... I can only do so much you know!! She is learning on the fly and seems to be climbing with confidence.

Althea entering the business on Zodiac, the White Circle


Lowest down and most likely the fastest team is another Kevin with partner Renee. She lead the bolt ladder and he polished off the BT with little trouble and quite rapidly. They should pass Althea soon or they will starve to death!!

Renee leading the 5th on Zodiac


Trip: Andy and Jacob climbed off this afternoon and are probably down swilling by now. Easy and fun for these big wallers.

 Topping out on the Trip


Nose: The woman who did the King Swing yesterday lead the Great Roof today and when I last saw her team, she was hauling the bags above Camp 5 in the afternoon. Who are these people?

 Hauling loads and cleaning above Camp 5


Right behind them were Trout and Luke who, yesterday, climbed to the Gray Bands via the Jardine, sporting a huge pack. It looked like they were a NIAD team but day two has passed and they have another one to go... not quite a NIAD lads!!

The former NIAD team on the Pancake Flake


Below them was a team of three who did the KS and were last seen heading to camp 4.

King Swing


Lower down there were a couple of teams in the Stove Legs, one of which went to ECT late in the day. Muir: Josh and Kevin (?) finished the Muir today in the late afternoon. They climbed like a well oiled machine and did the upper part in just two days. Nice stuff guys!!

Heading to the top of the Muir. Best dressed team on the rock!!


Salathe/Free Rider: I did see a team of three climb to the Roof and around the corner early this afternoon. I thought I saw a couple of climbers on the Block too. The part of the route above the ElCap Spire is difficult to see from the bridge and it is easy for a team to "get lost" in the deep corners up there.

Octopussy: This two person team was seen climbing a few pitches above yesterdays high point. They seem to be doing just fine.

In other news: The usual Bridge Rodents laid up by the railing today, watching and slandering anyone they could spot on the routes... typical fare for them. Tourons came in waves but the recent heroes of ElCap were glad to step up and handle all their questions with answers that, of course, made them look even more heroic than I have portrayed them on the Report. Thus I had a day of mostly shooting and little explaining to do. Thanks fellow rats!! I hear that several teams and a solo are planning on pushes very soon on some of the more unusual routes. I will keep you posted. Lambone went home today and his crew on the Zodiac push headed, much to my relief, to the showers and laundry... thank God!!

Like I said earlier, no report tomorrow, but you can still send positive vibes to all the teams slugging it out on the Great Stone. Oh yes...Several celebrities of the climbing world are working on routes at the upper end of the Valley and I am sure they will exert maximum spray to the mags and manufacturers, as they are all media and equipment lackeys. I needn't name them as I am sure you will hear enough about them to make you sick!! Onward lackeys!!

So that's the way it is for this the 23rd day of October 2008.

Adios ECP's