El Cap Report 10/16/07

ElCap Report 10/16/07

 By Tom Evans

Yo... the day started with little promise of a good climbing weather... lots of clouds but no rain... beautiful clouds drifted around on the Captain... anyway it cleared sorta... for a while... then around 3pm some low clouds came in and it started to rain... so I was out of there... Today’s report is brought to you by sweet Lori who was stranded at the bridge this afternoon after her drive from SF.. anyway the car just wouldn't start no matter what we did... then after a while she realized it was NOT in park and the problem was solved!! Today’s report. Eagles way:

Saw Josh lead another pitch today and return to the bags just in time for the opening of the sky! The lad is looking strong...

Zodiac: I did see someone starting the crappy so called direct start... hopefully the rain scared them off, as anyone who does that start deserves to be punished...

ZM: Saw Ted lead the pitch to the start of the Lightning Bolt roofs and haul the bags... Kevin cleaned and arrived just in time to set up the ledges for the rain...

Trip: The guys on the LA start are at the top of the 4th on the trip and rapped off as I left this afternoon.

Nose: The team above Miles topped out this morning around 11am and as I departed Miles and wife were at the start of the last pitch ... but not in time to avoid the rain... but as a guide in Europe and Alaska and an old hand on the Cap, I'm sure this little sprinkle is nothing but refreshing for the man... Elsewhere... Talked to Kate this morning on the radio and sent support up to them... they had a great climb and should have beaten the rain to the parking lot if all went well.

In other news:   On the other end of the rock I did talk to PTPP who with partner was well on the way down the raps of LF after doing HC...they probably got wet this afternoon... The Nose is now empty and there is no one on the upper part of the wall that I could see... so this storm shouldn't be any problem... In other news, cold down at the bridge but the Cap was really impressive with all the clouds swirling around. Did meet Ian Bennett, the son of an old acquaintance from 1971, Neil. We chatted a while about his dad BITD. Always nice to meet people in the valley. My friend and solo attemptee, Michael left with photographer David for the long drive back east... safe passage my friends.. The big movie production on the LA Direct is closing down tomorrow so watch out for the miles of porters as you go up the falls trail... So that's the way it is for this the 16th day of October 2007. Stay dry and keep the faith... Later Tom Evans